10 Most Beautiful and Best Beaches in Cuba

03. Cayo Coco Beaches

Cayo Coco

If you want to dive in the second best (After Australia’s Great Barrier Reef) diving destination in the world, the island of Cayo Coco is the place to be. Located off the north coast of the country, the island hosts 27km of some of the most stunning beaches in Cuba. It’s regarded as a haven for scuba divers. Island’s northern area boasts of 9km of snowy white beaches and the surthern part boasts of diverse wildlife and tropical mangroves. Divers can expect to see a very wide variety of aquatic life when they explore its rich underwater world. Barracudas, sharks, stonebasses, tarpons, red snappers and tranchinatus are some of the most common sealife divers can see here. The warm waters of the island have exceptional visibility. The island also hosts an extensive array of fauna including pink flamingos, ducks, mocking birds, pelicans, and grey herons.

02. Cayo Santa Maria’s Beach

Cayo Santa Maria's BeachWith stretches of 13kms, Cayo Santa Maria’s beach is one of the best beaches in Cuba for its virtually untouched nature. It is in fact a designated UNESCO reserve for having wide variety of wildlife. You can expect to see plenty of mollusks, endemic lizards, and flamingos along with the national bird of Cuba, the Tocoroco on the beach. You can also see around 248 species of flora.  It’s cystral clear water and fine white sand make it one of the most popular beaches in Cuba.

01. Varadero Beach

Varadero BeachWhen people talk about best beaches in Cuba, Varadero is the name that comes first. This spectacular beach stretches around 20 km long. It’s undoubtedly the most popular beach holiday resort in the country. There are around 28 diving spots in Varadero. You can expect to see huge variety of flora and fauna and take part in various beach sports. World class accommodation facilities, excellent weather all year long along with opportunities for unlimited fun activities make Varadero a place everyone wants to come back again and again.

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