10 Most Beautiful Caves To Visit Before You Die!

Our planet has some of its own secret places in the form of caves, that man has only recently discovered. Here are some of the caves that are, for sure, going to be a part of your travelling list.

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10. Mammoth Cave

As the name implies, it one of the largest cave system in the whole world. The Mammoth-Flint Ridge Cave System is located in central Kentucky and has been a World Heritage Site since the late nineteenth century. There are several, thick layers of sandstone and thin, sparse layers of limestone present inside it. According to geologists, the formation of this cave began some six thousand years ago and was used by several generations, which is why the exact year it was discovered is not known.

9.  Skocjan Caves

Another World Heritage Site, the Skocjan Caves is a cave system situated in Slovenia. It is one of the largest underground canyons known to mankind, surrounded with natural beauty. Not only this, the area holds great cultural and historical significance and has also developed a special ecosystem. Moreover, there is a three hundred meters thick layer of limestone in the cave. This is why it is considered as one of the natural treasures of planet Earth. 

8. Eisriesenwelt Ice Caves

Eisriesenwelt is a German word for the phrase- World of the Ice Giants which can tell you a lot about the cave. It is situated inside the Hochkogel mountain in the Alps of Werfen, Austria and is the largest ice cave in the world. To be more precise, it is actually a natural limestone ice cave and one of its kind. It has been reported to have drawn two hundred thousand tourists every year, even though the cave is closed half of the year as it’s dangerously chilly during the winters with allot frozen snow inside.

7. Phraya Nakhon cave, Thailand

The cave is a part of the Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park witch is a small distance away from the south of Hua Hin. In order to get to the cave, one has to drive all the way to a small village of Bang Pu, situated at the sea-side and then trek above the hill for about thirty minutes. If you are lucky with the weather you will see the amazing view of the temple being lit up from the sun, peaking trough the top of the cave.

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