10 Best Tourist Attractions in Singapore

5. Orchard Road


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Singapore is known as a shopper’s paradise and quite a lot of that paradise is located at the Orchard road. Flanked by a plethora of malls, innumerable restaurants and eateries, nightclubs, lounges, hotels and more; Orchard road is a must visit to ensure you enjoy a shopping spree like nowhere. Visit the place around festivities such as Christmas or New Year and the décor, lightings and the vibrant atmosphere is sure to mesmerise you.

4. Marina Bay


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The marina bay sands is one of the most prominent attractions of Singapore. In fact, the building is iconic to the modern development of Singapore. At the time of its opening, the Marina Bay sands building was the world’s most expensive with a total costing of $5.7 billion. The integrated resort building has everything you can think of in the name of luxury. Starting from a luxury hotel, Marina Bay boasts to have Asia’s largest convention centre, some of the Asia’s most amazing restaurants, innumerable high end shops, theatre, art and science museum and a lot more. The building also has an indoor ski rink created out of synthetic ice for the adventurous pleasure of the tourists.

3. Chinatown


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Dream of visiting China? Visit the Chinatown area of Singapore that can almost literally transport you to the Chinese busy streets inside Singapore. Welcoming you with the bright red coloured lanterns, and vibrant temples built in traditional Chinese style. An influential testament of Chinese influence in the island state of Singapore, Chinatown is every bit worth a visit.

2. Little India


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An ethnic district located in Singapore, Little India is commonly known as ‘tekka’ in the Indian Singaporean community. Believed to be developed around a former settlement for Indian convicts, the location was originally used for raising live stock. The place today is a thriving neighbourhood with vendors selling Indian traditional clothing and other accessories. The place reminds you of being in a busy Indian bazaar.

1. Changi Chapel and Museum

Tourist Attractions in Singapore

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The horrors of World War II still echoes around the Changi museum of the innocent Singaporeans who suffered massively under the Japanese invasion. The open-air Changi chapel and the museum is a must visit to get a glimpse of the tragic history of Singapore and appreciate the meteoric rise of the island city to the great heights.

In spite of having a great sheen of wealth and a favourite destination of the rich and famous, Singapore welcomes every tourist with open arms and admirable warmth. No matter which time of the year you visit this island state, Singapore is all set to amaze you with its exceptional attractions and cultural heritage.

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