The 10 Most Common Travel Scams


There are a lot of tourist scams out there! And that’s why i set together a list of the most common travel scams.
I recommend watching the video. The text below is just the script for this video. Hope you enjoy!

10 – The Photographer

When you and your buddy or girlfriend are taking photos of each other, a seemingly friendly-looking man or woman will come up to you and ask to help you take photos of the both of you. Best case senarios is that he just asks for a little bit of money, worst case scenario is that he runs off.

9 – The Expensive Taxi Driver

Most of you have probobly heard of this, but alot of taxi drivers will take advantage off your lack of knowlage around the area. This is esspecially true when taking the taxi from an airport. In Las Vegas this happens so often that a seasoned traveler will allways say “no tunnel” when going from the airport into the city. Its way longer than the fastest route. My advice is, just look at what the locals are doing and do what they do.

8 – The Drop And Swap

This one allso plays on the lack of knowlage. Waiters, taxi drivers, shop keepers etc. will accendentally drop your money and pick up what looks like the same coins and notes but are less worthy.

7 – The Free Friendship Bracelet

The Free Friendship Bracelet is something that usually happens around touristy markets, they say “free bracelet” and take your wrist to put the bracelet and afterwards just ask for payment. This happened to me in Haiti and it was no problem, i just said no and walked away. However sometimes this may be used as a distraction while their accomplice pickpockets you.

6 – Slow Counting

Slow counting happens mostly in europe, the cashier will count trough your money painfully slow, like were talking snail speed, in hope of that you will get bored and just accept whatever they’re giving to you. But obviously it’s much lower than what you’re owed.

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