The 10 Most Common Travel Scams

5 – The Fake Policemen

Ow man, i can go on and on about Fake policemen, but ill try to do the most common one.
The scam, is that men in policeuniforms will approach you and say that there is fake money going around town, and they’ll ask to check your wallet. Obviously when you get it back you got less money. Somethimes they will also ask to see your passport or visa to check if everything is legit. They will pretend that something is wrong and demand a fine to solve the issue.

4 – Overall Pickpocketing

I have already made a video about this that you can watch right here, but to sum it up really fast. Someone will destract you, say a beggar, a prostitute or a seemingly friendly local. They distract you so their accomplice can pickpocket you. Be epeccialy warie about this when in Europe, in crowded places like markets, bus terminal, train stations etc.

3. The Broken Camera

Again, a friendly looking person will ask to take a picture him and his friends, the camera doesn’t work, and when you give it back to him, he “accidentally” drops it on the ground. The whole group will demand money to repair the camera, and as i said in the last point this is a perfect distraction to get pickpocketed.

2. Closed hotel

When you enter your taxi and say your hotel name the taxi driver will say that the hotel is closed. he’ll say that he knows of another hotel that he can drive you to. This hotel will be redicilously overpriced. Something that’s incredible to me is that some of these hotels has changed their names to some of the popular hotels so you think you’re at the right hotel and they say that the photos online are wrong.

1. Fake Front desk Call

Speaking of hotels we have the fake front desk call. Witch is an identity thief that says he’s calling from the hotels front desk. He says that theres been an issue with your payment method, he then kindly ask you to confirm your credit card information. This mostly happens in the middle of the night while you are a little zonked out and less likely to go down stairs and fix it.
And there we end off this list! If you enjoyed the post, please share to a friend that might need this info. Thanks and safe travels.

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  1. 97bravo20 | 27/01/2017 at | Reply

    If getting short changed, paying for a twine bracket you don’t want, losing a camera or paying for a slightly expensive taxi ride are the worst things that happen to you while traveling you have had a very successful trip. Scams with worse consequences are regularly inflicted on naive traveliers. Losing your valuables, ID and papers from a room safe happens far too often. Use the hotel’s safe or safe deposit boxes. The room safe takes an amateur with YouTube access under 3 minutes to open depending on brand. Check YouTube yourself. Lying in the beach with your camera, passport, Picture ID, visa, cash seems safe enough. In some places just enter the water together and say goodbye to everything. Think leaving it in the car trunk is safer. Wrong. In some places where tourists regularly park for a period of 30 minutes or more. You may come back to every car in the lot having been broken into. At least you will have company. So far these are just expensive inconveniences. However in some areas you are considered a wealthy commodity and are looked upon as a potential kidnapping victim. Women are particularly susceptible to this type of crime and also crimes of opportunity. Like it or not in some parts of the world women are looked upon as property. A kidnapping and sexual assault may happen simply because you rebuffed an unwanted advance as you would anytime at home without fear of reprisal. Remember, you are not in Kansas anymore.

    • TravelnPleasure Desk | 01/02/2017 at | Reply

      Really good info! Thanks alot! 😀

      • Denise | 15/09/2017 at | Reply

        Good info… But you are in dire need of a good editor. I write for a living. Also, invest in a spell checker.

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