10 Most Dangerous Hikes On Earth – Part 1

From climbing the icy mountains of Snowdonia, to walking on planks on a vertical mountain side. We count the Top 5 Most Dangerous Hikes In The World.

5. Crib Goch Winter traverse  Snowdonia.

Crib Goch is located in snowdonia National park in Wales. Crib Goch is described as “Knife-edged”. While this is a dangerous hike in the summertimes only the real adrenalin junkies take on the stunning winter traverse. With no wires and no safety one wrong step and you’ll be tumbling down the 3,028 feet high rock face
of Crib Goch.

4. Mountain Torq via ferrata

Mountain Torq Is located in Sabah, Malaysia and is the worlds highest Via Ferrata with the highest peak at 12 388 feet or 3776 meters. The Climb itself is over two days where you’ll sleep in the Pendant Hut. The hike consists of walking on small metal steps with almost a 90 degree angle straight down. You’ll also have to walk on a very narrow suspention bridge and small wires.

3. Ferrata Dibona

Ivano Dibona via Ferrata is located in the Cristallo Mountain Group in the North of Italy. This is actually a pretty easy hike because its mostly downhill. it’s well known route in the dolomites witch was used in world War I. The scariest feature of this hike is the 27m long suspention bridge used in the movie “Cliffhanger”. On this hike you can also see alot of old ladders, military positions and old huts. There’s also a neat snipers station near the bottom with small portholes pointing out in various directions.

2. El Camino del Rey

El Camino del Rey is located in the south of spain. It has become a hike for more of the adventure seeking and crazy enough people willing to attempt it. There are loads of sections where the concrete has broken off and made large open air gaps in the trail. The only thing left is the rusty and rotting metal support beams that you’ll have to walk on. Although you are supported by wire there has been recorded atleast 5 deaths and many injuries on the hiking trail where the most recent occurring in the year 2000.

1. Mount Huashan, China

Mt. Huashan is located in Huayin, China. it’s lofty peaks makes it one of china’s Five Great Mountains. Mount Huashan has great religious value and the hiking trail leads to some amazing temples. But that isn’t why most tourists walk this trail. The main attraction is the plank walk. A very narrow trail of planks mounted straight into the vertical mountain side. Needless to say this is not a place you want to be if you are afraid of heights. Actually, some people have walked this path without any safety harness. One wrong step or a slip of the foot and they would taken the fast way down this 7000 feet mountain. But Most accidents don’t actually come from the plank walk itself. It comes from the very steep steps and ladders you have to climb to get up there. You are hooked to a wire but if you fall, it will be a pretty decent drop before the harness actually catches you. There are sadly no official statistics on deaths here, but it’s said that about a 100 people gets kidnapped by Mount Huashan every year.
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