10 Great Tips To Pack Like A Boss On A Short Notice

Choosing a luggage

When choosing a luggage, you need to keep your eye out on two things. First one is that it is big enough for you to carry all you need and the second one is that it is quality made. A strong and reliable luggage is a must have for every serious traveler which is why going with Samsonite luggage is your safest choice.

image 3Plastic bags

Another thing you should know is that it is best, to pack everything (especially underwear) in plastic bags. You never know what might spill or mix up, but you can rest assured that these bags will keep it contained. This being said, make separate groups like clothes, food, drink and so on to make things easier and more practical.


Although you will want a full luxury on your vacation, remember that you are still leaving your comfort zone and should with this in mind find a way to minimize. This being said, take only absolute necessities and try to prioritize. For maximum effect, take a smaller toothpaste, shampoo and soap with you.

Packing shoes

Some people have trouble packing their shoes together with the rest of the stuff, since they are afraid of unpleasant odors. However, this can be easily remedied. Simply pack the shoes in some old socks, then put them in a plastic bag. This way your problem will be solved.

Take out batteries

Next thing you want to do is take out the batteries out of all the devices that require it (like for example flashlights or torches). If left inside for a prolonged period of time, there is a risk of them leaking. However, if you pack them separately this risk will be inexistent.

image 4Backup your confidential information

As we already mentioned, there is always a chance of losing something or even something getting stolen while you are on the trip. This is why, you should always backup this date by taking pictures of it that you will later email to yourself or upload it to cloud.

Separate gifts

Finally, some of the gifts you buy on your target destination will be quite fragile which is why you will want to carry them in a bag. Even though this may be quite inconvenient, it most definitely triumphs over the idea of them being fractured in transportation.

As you can see, none of these steps are illogical or difficult to wrap your head around. All you need to do is, pack adequately, utilize the backpack, bags and luggage and of course keep an eye out for your most precious belongings. If you have this covered, you will be able to travel anywhere completely care-free.

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  2. So much easier to travel nowadays, ATM machines, mobile phones, Skype and Whatsapp, all of these are great tools. Nepal’s difficult terrain is even on google maps and maps.me and so many websites to help travelers. I like Bagshare.org(or .com) and sharing sites like that.
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