10 Scary Bridges You’ll Have To See To Believe

6. Montenegro Rainforest Bridge – Costa Rica

Much like in the movies, the Montenegro Rainforest Bridge is a dangerous canopy walkway that disappears into a cloud forest near Santa Elena, Costa Rica. The cloud forest goes by the name of Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve. The Montenegro is simultaneously a suspension bridge and a walking trail through the forest, it spans over both canyons and drainages. The Bridge comprises of six bridges in all and the total distance it covers is almost a mile and a half.

5. The Capilano Suspension Bridge – Canada

Hanging over the Capilano River situated in the District of North Vancouver. It’s  designed in a simple way for the pedestrians to use. It was originally built in the 1889 but over time, it has been improved by using better material. The bridge is 140 meters long and 70 meters above the river. Every year it draws an estimate of eight hundred thousand people. To attract more people, Treetops Adventure was opened in the park. Dangerous events have been reported to have taken place on the bridge, for example, a woman accidentally dropping her 18 months child off the bridge in 1999. This is why it has been added in the list of the most dangerous bridges in the world.

4. Daedunsan Mountain Bridge – South Korea

The Daedunsan Mountain separates the cities of Daejeon and Jeonju. The park on the on the mountain is completely a breath-taking scenic beauty. But the park is more famous because of the bridge constructed on the mountain which is a part of it. The suspension of the bridge is fifty meters and even though it is quite dangerous, the best thing about it is the fact that it allows the climber to have a 360-degree view of the natural beauty around them. The spot is extremely popular among the hikers.

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  1. I walked the Capilano Suspension Bridge in May of 2016. Some people tried to make the bridge sway and it was quite irritating. It was difficult to walk without holding onto the sides. This made it very difficult to to do any type of photography. .The solution would be to allow only 10 at a time, but money is very important. I am still glad I walked across it.

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