10 Scary Bridges You’ll Have To See To Believe

3. Puente de Ojuela, Ojuela – Mexico

The Ojuela bridge is located in Mapimi, a Mexican state of Durango, precisely at the site of the Ojuela Goldmine. It dates back to 1898 where it was restored and used as a tourist attraction in 1991. The original bridge was designed by the famous Roebling brothers, who also designed the Brooklyn Bridge. At the time of construction, the bridge was the third longest suspension bridge in the world. Covering a distance of 315 meters, it is one of the most dangerous bridges all over the globe. However, now it is mainly used by pedestrians only.

2. Hanging Bridge of Ghasa – Nepal

 The bridge is constructed high above a river situated in the Nepalese town called Ghasa. The bridge was built to ease the traffic on the roads caused by local animal herds. This resulted in a lot of dangerous, life-threatening incidents and therefore they constructed this bridge. Apparently the bridge is one of the most extreme and dangerous places in the world but every day the herders and farmers can be seen using it to transport goods to the market. However dangerous it may seem, it has definitely helped the Nepalese people.

1. The Trift Bridge – Switzerland

Another dangerous bridge in the Swiss Alps, is the Trift bridge. It’s the longest pedestrian-only suspension bridge to be built. The distance covered by the bridge is 170 meters at a height of a hundred meters. Below you can see a lake named Triftsee. The beauty of the lake and the experience of climbing the bridge attracts approximately twenty thousand visitors per year. An i get why, it’s pretty amazing. To reach the bridge, one first has to get a cable car. It then takes an estimate of two hours to cross the bridge.

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  1. I walked the Capilano Suspension Bridge in May of 2016. Some people tried to make the bridge sway and it was quite irritating. It was difficult to walk without holding onto the sides. This made it very difficult to to do any type of photography. .The solution would be to allow only 10 at a time, but money is very important. I am still glad I walked across it.

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