10 Most Dangerous Hikes On Earth – Part 2

3. Taghia, Moroccotaghia_zaouiat_ahansal

Taghia in marocco is an incredible place for hiking, huge limestone walls and trails has made this into a professional rock clibers dream destination. Don’t be discouraged if you aren’t a professional rock climber though, because it also has alot of different routes with all sorts of difficoulty levels. The village of taghia has a few dozen buildings not so far from the base of these massive mountains.

Youre going to have to commit to hiking these trails because as getting there is no joke. Firstly you have to get to zaouiat (pronounced: Zaa-we-ah) witch isn’t the most central place. You then have to take a 2 hour hike to get to Taghia. If you have alot of gear you can hire a donkey to help you. But once you’re there there are alot of trails that’s just waiting for you to walk on them. The guidebook Taghia by christian ravier will have you covered the whole trip.

2. Kalalau Trail, Kauai island, Hawaii9205086243_b1bb78777d_k

Photo: Alex Schwab

Another dangerous but even more beautiful trail in Hawaii is the Kalalau trail. It runs along the na pali coast on the island of Kauai. The hike is 11 miles and most average hikers take this trail in 2 days where they camp in hanakoa valley or kalalau beach wich is the turning point. supposedly 500,000 people do this hike every year but it isn’t until the 7th mile that this trail goes from good to bad. on the 7th mile there are loads of uneven and narrow trails. This is the part that’s called crawlers ledge, and it isn’t because of nothing. almost every injury or fatality has occured on the 7th mile while it was bad weather. You don’t want these muddy trails to be wet.

Usually after a rainy period they will put up signs that says that the trail is closed. 62 hikers had ignored this sign back in 2014 and had to be carried out by the Kauai fire department because of several streams that became impossible to pass. Don’t be discouraged though, this trail looks amazing, with the blue ocean right by your side the entire walk. it’s most likely the number 1 trail that’s on my bucketlist. However watch the safety guide down in the description if you wanna do this trail.

SAFETY VIDEO: https://vimeo.com/135624713

1. Capitol Peak, Colorado8739190297_857d7dabcb_k

Photo: Bryce Bradford

in Colorado you’ll find Capitol peak wich is a very high summit of 14 thousan ft. at the highest. I

ts one of the most difficoult hikes in the 14ers witch is a bunch of routes in the rocky mountains. It isn’t a very technical route for climbing, but on this hike you will face alot of airy ridges, steep rock faces, loose rocks and the summit that is well.. remember i said that the mountain in snowdonia was described as knife edged? This one is really like the edge of a knife. climbing this will defenately give you a big boost of adrenaline. The other thing that is so dangerous about this hike is that weather has so much to say on the safety of this route, because getting down or changing your mind isn’t really an option here. Most people do this as a 2 day hike first day hike to the camp at capitol lake and secound day they take on the beautiful capitol Peak.

Aaaand that was this list of dangerous hikes. It was reaally fun to make this video, Hopefully you found something to add to your bucketlist, if you did, please share this video. If you wanna see more travel related videos hit that subscribe button. Also leave a comment down below what you wanna see next. allright guys allways safe travels

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