Top 10 Wreck Dives In The World


From The shipwrecks graveyard of the atlantic, to the worlds largest wreck we count the top 10 ship wreck dives in the world.

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10. Shipwrecks graveyard of the atlantic. 

As this is not a single wreck i had to make it on to the list as this is one that is unlike any other place that you can find in the whole world. The shipwrecks graveyard of the atlantic was a pass for both world war 1 and world war 2 ships and submarines. They would pass by, and the american uboats would just sit there and sink them. You can basically throw a dart at the diving chart and have an amazing time anywhere you go.

Some of the most impressive wrecks are the World War II casualties – Hitler’s U-boat, Tankers, cargo ships, British fishing trawlers, and even German submarines. Among others, a World War I gunboat, a late 18th century schooner, and an early 20th century luxury liner

Despite the graveyards great wrecks, some of the sites has some amazing marine life. queen angle fish, frogfish, lion fish, even some shark schools. A diver at the Olympus Dive Center said that somethimes when he goes down to one of the older wrecks. There can be 40-50 sharks swimming around there.

9. The Bianca C 

Also known as “The titanic of the Caribbean” was a passenger ship that sank on two occasions, the first time in France before being completed, and the second time after an explosion and fire off the island of Grenada.

In October, 1961, the Bianca C was ten days out of Naples and docked off Grenada when an explosion occurred in the engine room in the early hours of the morning. One crewman died immediately, and eight others were injured. As fires broke out, approximately 700 passengers and crew scrambled to abandon the ship while Grenadian fishermen and boat owners, awakened by the noise of the explosion, rushed to help. Survivors were taken to the capital, where makeshift hospitals were hastily established to provide shelter and food. Because Grenada did not have the equipment to quench such a large fire, a call for help was sent and was received by the British frigate at Puerto Rico. It took two days for them to arrive, and by that time the Bianca C had begun to sink. The burning ship was in the main anchorage and would block the harbor if it sank there, so a boarding party boarded the flaming ship to attach a towline. Thousands of Grenadians watched from the mountains as the tow progressed for six hours, but the she had only moved three miles (5 km) when a squall started and the towline broke. The Bianca C sank quickly into 165 feet (50 m) of water, about a mile from the popular tourist beach at Grand Anse.

as incredible as the story is The titanic of the Caribbean didn’t get this name for nothig, this weck will give and incredible experience. Loads of space and a huge ship to explore with great sealife where you can see eagle rays, nurse sharks, schools of atlantic spadefish and large moray eels, and baracudas.

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