Top 10 Wreck Dives In The World

8. Jake Seaplane, Palau


Ships are always an attractive choice for wreck divers, but exploring a plane wreck adds a bit of variety to the mix.

It was first soptted from the surface by a palauan fisherman in 1994 and is roumered to have crashed during takeoff of landing after the engines had stopped. Note that the propellers are straight, if the airplane hit the water while the engine was running the propellers would have bent.

However enough detective work. The plane is rrestin in about 45 feet or 15 meters on a large coral head. corals found here include stag horn, lettuce, brain and table as well as many varieties of soft corals.

After watching this amazing piece of machinery you can look at the blooming marine life offering octopus, cuttlefish, nudibranchs and colorful tropical fishes abound among the corals. Due to the shallow depth and clarity of the water the seaplane is a photographers paradise.

7. The MS Zenobia, Cyprus

The ms zenobia was a swedish built challenger clas ro ro ferry launced in 1979 that capsized and sank close to larnaca, cyprus in june 1980 on her maiden voyage.
Engineers discovered that the computerised pumping system was pumping excess water into the side ballast tanks due to a software error. Zenobia was towed out of the harbour to prevent her becoming an obstruction should the worst happen, and was left at anchor roughtly 2km offshore.
At june 7th the problem became worse and it sank, taking her estimated 200 million euros worth of cargo with her.
The dive ranges from 16m to 42m for more experienced divers.
Whilst diving around the outside of the Zenobia you can see a wide variety of fish life from large Groupers to barracudas and tiny nudibranchs that make the Zenobia their home. The cargo of trucks and their contents have never been salvaged. So it’s there for you to see lying on the seabed and chained to the decks.
Inside the ship you can see everything from toilets to trucks stacked on top of each other. Some of the trucks still retained the coulours of ther cabs and cover wich are stunning.

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