Top 10 Wreck Dives In The World

6. USAT Liberty

LIberty was launched in 1918 in new jearsy and was a ship used for transportation. in world war 2 it was one of ten ships taken up by the united states army for defense services.

in january 1942 The ship was on its way to phillipines with a cargo of railway parts and rubber and on the11. January liberty was torpedoed by a Japanese submarine. Us destroyer paul jones and dutch destroyer van ghent tried to tow the ship to singaraja but the liberty was taking in to much water and sunk right off the eastern shore of Bali.

The wreck lies in depths from 9-30 meters. The wreck is very popular with photographers as the black sand provides a great color balance compared to other diving sites. This also makes you see colors like red more clear when you are diving. Open an ino-pacific reef guide book and you will probobly see everything thats in the book. From the minute anglerfish, neon nudibrances, ghost pipefish trough to garden eels, and mulit-coloured clouds of anthias and damsels, and schools of sweetlips, batfish, fusilers, butterfly fish. The variety is amazing.

5. S.S. Thistlegorm

She set sail on her fourth and final voyage from glasgow on june 2nd 1941. Destined for egypt. The vessel’s cargo included very expencive items ranging from armored vechicles, motorcycles, cars to guns and ammunition.

There was a large build-up of allied troops in egypt during september 1941 and german intelligence suspected that there was a troop carrier that was coming their way. To prevent this they sent out 2 aircrafts that went to find the troop carrier. This search failed but one of the bombers discovered the vessels moored in safe anchorage f. Targeting the largest ship. They dropped 2 bombs on the thistlegrom. The bombs hit where the ships ammunition was stored. The bomb and the explosion of some of the ammunition stored, led to the sinking of the thistlegorm, with the loss of four sailors and five members of the royal navy gun crew.

Now it’s down in the water it is one of the most popular and best diving sites in the world due to its sealife and that most of the cargo that was there wen it sunk is still down there. You can se tanks, guns and even motorcycles.

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