Top 10 Wreck Dives In The World

4. Shinkoku Maru

the tanker Shinkoku Maru was built in 1941 for the Japanese navy and took part in the Pearl Harbor attack as a support ship. In a twist of fate, the 500-foot vessel was sunk a little more than three years later in the U.S. sneak attack on Truk Lagoon known as Operation Hailstone. American Avenger topedo bombers fired seven times at her, the last one hitting her at starboard side and sending her to the bottom. Today, this ship is covered with coral formations and considered one of the best night dives among the numerous wrecks of Chuuk Lagoon.

3. U.S.S Kittiwake

The Us Kittiwake was in launched in 1945. the ship was assigned to support and rescue duty with the Submarine Squadron 6, the submarine rescue ship accompanied submarines during sea trials and maneuvers to monitor diving operations to practice underwater rescue procedures and to practice torpedoes.

Uss kittiwake was decommissioned in 1994 and struck from the naval vessel register on the same day. It was transfered to Marine Park and sunk off Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman in 2011 .

Kittiwake has won the hearts of divers for its easy access at 15-64 feet below the surface. and since its sinking It has been covered in marine life and fish like horse-eye jacks, sergeant majors, blue tangs, and squirrelfish. The most exciting new resident is a 1 00-pound goliath grouper that’s often found near the wreck’s propeller.

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