5 Best Christmas Celebrations That Happen Around the World

5 Best Christmas Celebrations That Happen Around the World

We’ve already stepped into the last month of the year 2016 and you can feel the festive mood in the atmosphere around you. December is a holiday season where people from all over the world gear up for double celebration of Christmas and New Year. Christmas has become a global celebration as it is celebrated by everybody, irrespective of their religion and location. People in different countries have distinct ways of celebrating Christmas and each one holds a significant ancient tradition behind it. Read on to find out more about these unique and amazing Christmas traditions.

Attend the Shopping Festival in Dubai, UAE


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Shopping Festival in Dubai is held every year in the month of January and is continued till the month of February. This year however, it seems, that the festive Christmas season has got the best of the DSF as it will start on 26th December 2016 and will go on till 28th January 2017. Shop to your heart’s content in the beautiful city, where every nook and corner is decorated with unimaginable lights. Take some advantage of your Christmas holiday and fly to the city to buy gifts at unbeatable prices for your loved ones. Enjoy Christmas Eve in the city and start your shopping the very next day. Watch the firework display on the first day of the festival from your hotel room or from the streets. Feel the Christmas vibe in the DSF, spreading its cheer and blessings in the Emirates city.

A Visit To Bethlehem, West Bank


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With a lot of people today revolving gift grabbing and over indulging around Christmas, it is hard to decline the fact that the meaning of Christmas and the essence of its origin. If you want to reconnect with the real spirit of Christmas, a visit to Jesus’ pilgrimage is the best option for you. On Christmas Eve, there is so much energy on Manger square and the Old City, that it can light an entire forest of Christmas trees. As the clock strikes 12, you can go to St Catherine’s Church to attend the Midnight Mass. You’re are sure to witness the true meaning of Christmas in this beautiful place.

Visit Nuremberg, Germany


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If buying presents is not your thing and you only look at it as a formality, you should head to the magical Christmas Market, Christkindlemark, in Nuremberg. You will find more than 180 stalls selling candles, trinkets, gingerbread, proffer toys and sweets, by shoppers who keep themselves warm by enjoying mulled wine and sizzling bratwurst. We recommend you to visit the place after sunset to watch the colored lights creating a magical spectacle. You will never experience Christmas shopping, as enchanting as this! The city has a record of attracting over 2 million visitors every year.

Enjoy Tropical Christmas in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Christmas Celebrations

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If snow covered streets during Christmas does not appeal to you, then check out Puerto Rico, a small island, that dishes out a sunny Christmas for a true tropical Christmas encounter. Enjoy the holidays with a side dish of spit roasted pig and a salsa beat, all type of lights and lots and lots of partying. Christmas festivities, on this island, starts early in December and lasts till 6th January. The churches conduct morning masses from mid-December. Christmas Eve is celebrated by throwing a big feast and is completed with the Midnight Mass.

Visit Santa at the Santa Claus Village and Park, Finland


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Popularly known as Europe’s Christmas Capital, Santa Park and the Santa Claus Village are located towards north to Finland’s Arctic Circle. These two Santa themed parks are said to draw thousands of tourists from around the globe to watch the real reindeer, take a tour of Santa’s workshop and to finally meet the jolly man in his red suit himself. The most popular resident around this neighborhood, the residents milk him for everything he’s worth. You can visit the Santa Park and meet the elves and other magical creatures. Meet Santa’s most trusted friends, the reindeers and hop onto a sleigh for a ride and safari in the snow. There is no better way of spending your Christmas holidays amidst Santa and the reindeers.

One of the most celebrated holidays in the world, Christmas is celebrated in both religious and secular traditions. Visit any of these places and discover the true magic of Christmas to make your holiday a memorable one.

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  1. I lived in Puerto Rico for 4 years. Even the smaller towns and villages made the festivities special. We traded the states’ traditional Christmas Tree for a beautifully decorated lighthouse in Maunabo Puerto Rico. For weeks we waited anxiously for sundown to head out with guitars, maracas, guiro, and cuatro in hand to sing aguinaldos. Navidad (Christmas in Spanish) is definitely an amazing time to be in Purto Rico. Thank you for this piece. It’s a beautifully written piece of nostalgia for those of us that have spent a Christmas there or lived there. #glrosario.

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