5 MUST-VISIT Cities in Europe

Planning a big trip to Europe? Before you make any bookings you should check out this list of the must-visit cities on the continent. Some European cities are just an automatic must, and there’s a good reason for that, but this list may include a surprise or two.

5. Florence, Italy

Florence is a city of wonder and it also just happens to have been where the Italian Renaissance was born. There are two sides to the city, both equally delicious. The first, of course, includes the classic sights like the Galleria dell’ Accademia, which is where Michelangelo’s David lives.

Don’t forget about the other side, though, the modern side. You will find a covered market as well as street art and more. The Mercato Centrale is the perfect spot to eat, you can enjoy authentic Italian food and at far more affordable prices than the typical restaurants that attract tourists.

4. Paris, France

Is there a more romantic destination than the City of Light? Maybe, but there’s a good reason Paris invites millions of tourists each year. The art, the ambiance, the cuisine… it all factors into the wonder that is Paris. Enjoy museums, architecture, and stunning scenes as the River Seine gently ambles through the city.

Eating out can get incredibly expensive in Paris, the cheapest spots to grab a quick bite to eat include the bakeries, also known as boulangeries. If you’re lucky enough to be in town on the first Sunday of the month then you can gain entry to the biggest sights for free, that includes the Louvre.  Make sure you map your trip out, there are plenty of places you can get to on foot, but you will need to use the metro.

3. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague has become a major haunt for tourists over the last decade and that could be because the city is bustling and prosperous. The downtown scene is picturesque and the city itself has stayed standing despite its checkered past. It has withstood floods, fires, and invasions. Perhaps it’s ability to persevere is what makes the capital city so fascinating. Explore the narrow streets, the hilltop castle, storied churches, and the bridges lined with statues. It looks like something right out of a fairy tale, which makes it hard for anyone to resist.

You should choose public transportation as you travel the city, but do avoid taxis at all costs. They can get seriously expensive. The majority of hotels in the area offer free breakfast and it’s a big one, so make sure yours does before you make the final booking. Keep your eyes peeled for the delicious street food.

2. London, England

Why London? It tends to crop up on every list, but there’s a reason for that. There is a lot to take in here. Like Florence, there are two sides to the city. The Tate Modern is a must-see and screams avant-garde, while the Tower of London tells the story of a dark time in England’s history. You can also find actors reciting Shakespeare, Buckingham Palace, tea, scones, fish and chips, and of course, fashion. Oxford Street brags some of the world’s biggest retailers and no visit to the big city would be complete without a shopping trip.

There are plenty of museums which offer free entry so be sure to take advantage of that aspect of the culture. You may also want to invest in an Oyster card to get around the subway system. It’s the cheapest way to travel. Look out for Brick Lane for eating, the food is delicious and affordable. There are plenty of celebrity chef hot-spots to visit, too.

1. Madrid, Spain

It might be the largest city in Spain, it may be the capital, it may be the hub of international business, and brag the largest population, but… if you listen intently you will still detect the sound of a faint Spanish guitar and the delicate swish of a flamenco dress. Architecture, art, laid-back lunches, and plenty of drinks – Madrid is the perfect spot for a relaxed, city vacation.

Spain has wonderful public transport, so you can grab a bus, train, and subway just about everywhere you need to go. Look out for the menu del dia, which is often a 2 or 3-course menu for a budget price. Perhaps the best part is you can drink on the street, yep, no need to hide your purse wine anymore!

Sure, Rome is beautiful and Barcelona is a must, but don’t miss out on those cities listed above. Some of them are often forgotten about when they should be first on your list every time. Make sure you are following www.bargainhuntersblog.com to keep up-to-date with all the latest tips and hints on everything you need to plan the best trip.


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