5 Things NOT To Do In Jamaica

When booking your Jamaican vacation, you can guarantee that you are in for a vibey, but relaxing island holiday.

For the most part, the island is a tourist-friendly place which is eager to please.

However, like any other holiday destination, there are a few ways that you could get yourself into a touch of trouble if you land on the island with no knowledge other than the lyrics to a few Bob Marley songs and images in your mind of a tropical beach with palm trees.

There is a lot more to Jamaica than beautiful weather and chilled music.

If you want to enjoy your trip without any trouble, here are five things not to do while visiting Jamaica.

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5. Don’t Get Tense

Jamaican residents have a reputation for having a high level of relaxation, and although it may seem like an act when you see it in movies, it is the truth.

The whole country houses people who look on the bright side of life, and although they are keen to please, they are in no hurry.

Which means you shouldn’t be in a rush either.

Embrace the island’s spirit and work on chilling out.

No one wants to get known for being the uptight, grumpy tourist, and no one wants to be around them either.

4. Don’t Look Merchants in the Eye

If you decide to browse through the shops on the island, you should do your best to avoid chatting and making eye contact with the sellers.

Local merchants take these cues as a sign that you are interested in purchasing an item.

If you are just perusing, look only at the merchandise and not the owner.

3. Don’t Use the American Dollar

The currency used on the island is the Jamaican dollar. Although you can use the US dollar, it is much easier to use the local currency.

You won’t have to worry about working out the right exchange rates when you need change for your US dollars.

One US dollar is equal to around 120 Jamaican dollars.

There are ATM’s located throughout the island, but it is easiest to get enough cash to last for a few days.

Make sure that you let your bank know that you will be out of the country to avoid your funds being held.

2. Don’t Try Driving Yourself Around

Jamaica was once a British colony, which means they follow the British driving style and drive on the left-hand side of the road.

Combined with the twisty island roads that hug the mountainsides can pose a real challenge for North American drivers.

Rather avoid the stress and hire a driver.

Rather spend the inexpensive fee to get a driver and rest assured that you will get where you need to go safely.

Besides… you’re on vacation, so why not pamper yourself a bit. Be sure to read more about the driving style in Jamaica before you come.

1. Don’t Buy Marijuana unless you’re prepared to Pay

Of course, Jamaica is well-known for its prevalent marijuana use, which means you will more than likely meet someone who is keen to hook you up.

If you are searched by police and are found with less than 2 ounces, you will receive a ticket, not handcuffs.

If you don’t mind paying the fine and having a bit of a legal bother, go for it.

A trip to Jamaica should be as wonderful as the island is. If you keep the above-mentioned tips in mind, you should have an incredible experience.

If you’re planning a trip be sure to check out the top things to do in Jamaica.


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