5 Things Not To Do In Vietnam

Vietnam – a beautiful country – attracts hundreds of millions of US visitors every year. When traveling to Vietnam, in addition to learning what you should do, you should not miss 5 things not to in Vietnam as follows:

5. Do not wear too short when visiting local home and temples

Vietnam is a country that is very conservative in dress. Therefore it is more comfortable to dress in large cities, you should wear the right dress not only to adapt to the weather but also to help to be more friendly with the locals.

Do not wear too short clothes or dresses when visiting churches or temples because there is always a dress code you have to obey in these sanctuaries.

4. Do not bring valuable things when going out or walking along the beach at night

Robbery occurs more and more seriously in Ho Chi Minh City which is accounted for 50% of visitors to Vietnam. It has long been a painful sorrow, affecting the psychology, safety of visitors and images of cities in particular and Vietnam in general in the eyes of international friends.

If you do not want to be the next victim, please leave valuable things such as precious jewelry, bags and expensive watches in the hotel room or in the safety deposit box at the reception when going out or taking a stroll on the quiet beaches at night.

3. Do not go too fast when crossing the road in Vietnam

Kết quả hình ảnh cho khach nuoc ngoai sang duong o viet nam

Here are some tips to help you cross the road safe in Vietnam:

– Be brave: Traffic will not stop you just like most unlikely opportunities in life therefore you will have to pursue what you want, whether on the road or find a new job. Like the famous saying “Good luck to the brave,” remember that every time you hesitate in fear.

– Know when to seek help: Do not be afraid if you ask someone to help you cross the road. It gets to the other side much faster than do it by yourselves.

– Just focus on your path: Ignore other distractions. If you look at the cars running towards you, your instinct will stop you and you will never cross the road. Apply straight-up tactics, focus on the target and ignore the obstacles around you.

– Maintain stability: Drivers predict that you will cross the road at a steady pace. They will look at you and get away. If you suddenly stop, you will upset all. Therefore, keep the pace and believe that the people around you will not poke at you.

– Ignore those who complain: There will be people whistling, even swearing, but ignore everything, focus on what you are doing.

2. Do not directly give the money to ethnic minorities

Ethnic minorities often have very difficult living conditions especially children who cannot even go to school so many tourists want to help them by giving them the cash. However, giving them cash will sometimes be counterproductive. Instead, offer them more meaningful and practical gifts such as a notebook or a pen or donate to local charities.

1. Do not miss the chance to taste the street food

Kết quả hình ảnh cho vietnam street food

Although not prepared by the top chefs in expensive restaurants, some good street food in Vietnam still attracts a lot of sympathy for domestic and international tourists thanks to the delicious, creative and unique taste.

Street snacks have become an integral part of the food lovers in Vietnam. Places you can find the best Vietnamese food at the cheapest price is the traditional markets where there are food stalls that have been handed down from many generations ago.

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