5 Things You Have To do When You’re Organizing Business Travel

5 Things You Have To do When You’re Organizing Business Travel

Your company may take you all over the world, or travelling for business may be new to you. However, over time, as you travel with work, you’ll start to learn a number of things – including how important it is to plan your trip well.

So, to help you get ready for your next business trip, here are some handy tips:

5. Organising Travel and Accommodation

The longer you wait, the more expensive hotel rooms, train reservations, airline tickets and car rentals become – and you also run the risk of missing out on things completely. Therefore, as soon as you’ve got the dates for your trip, you should start organising things immediately. And when you’re planning your overseas meetings, avoid local holidays and other events to prevent any delays.

4. Creating an Itinerary

To make sure things run as smoothly as possible, create an itinerary that includes your flight information, hotel details, reservation numbers, meeting times/locations and other important details. Having this to hand throughout your trip will prevent you from missing anything crucial. Equally, if you need to send things to your accommodation, international office or client’s address ahead of time, make sure you’ve planned this with couriers like TNT beforehand.  

3. Provide Someone with Your Itinerary

Before you head off on your travels make sure someone has got copies of your full itinerary. Give this to your boss or employee, while also giving a family member or friend another copy. This not only allows them to get in touch with you if they need to but it also helps you if something goes wrong while you’re travelling.

2. Getting Your Documents Together

It doesn’t matter what country you’re heading to, it’s important to have the right identification with you. If you’re going to be driving while you’re out there, make sure your driving license is up to date (you no longer need to take your paper counterpart, though). Equally, always make sure your passport is still in date – most countries require it to be valid for at least six months after your return date.

1. Having the Right Currency

When you’re venturing abroad, make sure you’ve checked out the currency of the destination you’re travelling to. Order some of this in plenty of time, getting enough to cover small expenses and so on. Furthermore, if you’re planning on using your card abroad, you might want to check that it’ll work in the local ATM machines first.

Finally, make sure you’re only packing the essentials, including business outfits, casual clothes, cosmetics, medication and your laptop.


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