The 6 Coolest Things You Can Do In Toronto

The 6 Coolest Things You Can Do In Toronto

Ask just about anyone who’s been to Toronto and they’ll tell you it’s a very fun city, and probably one that’s underrated on the world stage.

Situated right on the banks of Lake Ontario, it’s the capital of Ontario and the most populous city in all of Canada. And as you’d probably expect of any city this size (about 2.6 million people), there’s a whole lot to do if you end up visiting.

We’ve rounded up a dynamic list of some of the coolest sights and activities.

1. The Distillery District

If you’re only passing through Toronto and have time to catch one or two highlights, the Distillery District should be one of them. This place is enough fun that you can find entire lists of things to do there that sound more fun than similar lists for most cities! Basically it’s a whole area that has been carefully preserved since the late-1800s with old buildings, cobblestone and brick roads, etc., and it’s packed with great bars, shops, restaurants, and even art galleries. Getting lost in the Distillery District is undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable things you can do in Toronto.

2. Royal Ontario Museum

Most cities this size have a museum or two that pop up on travel guides, and Toronto is certainly no exception. Whether or not those museums are really worth the time, however, varies from city to city, and in Toronto we’d say that yes, the Royal Ontario Museum should be in your plans. Celebrating the arts, history, and culture – and doing so in a rather extraordinary building – it’s arguably one of the nicer museums in North America.

3. Professional Sports

Professional sports are a pretty big deal in much of Canada, and because sports betting is also legal throughout the country, fans can feel very close to the action. This overview of the sports and sports betting culture notes the broad swath of events that can be covered, and which therefore generate interest among the Canadian public. But in Toronto you can more or less stick to the major pro sports, and most notably the local hockey, basketball, and baseball teams. It’s a thriving sports scene, and seeing any game in person can be a great deal of fun.

4. Lake Ontario Beaches

That’s right – beaches! Toronto may not be a coastal city in the traditional sense, and it may be located fairly far to the north for most people’s taste, but it’s still a fairly awesome beach town. You can even read about the top five beaches in the city, all of which offer sandy stretches, calm lake water, and beautiful views. Granted, the beach-friendly weather only lasts for a short time, but if you’re visiting Toronto over the summer you should stop by. Many people don’t realize how vast or impressive the Great Lakes are until they’re actually facing them.

5. Toronto Islands

Sticking with the notion that Toronto sort of masquerades as a seaside city, it also happens to have famous islands just offshore. Located just south of the city on Lake Ontario, the islands are a popular destination for tourists, both because they offer their own attractions (parks, hikes, cycling, boating, etc.) and because they afford you some of the very best views of the city itself.

6. CN Tower

CN Tower is also something you might want to keep on your trip itinerary. If you don’t know it by name you’ll probably recognize it as the defining building of Toronto’s skyline. It’s quite something to see in person, and as is typical of skyscrapers in modern cities, it also has a viewing deck from which you can see the city and the lake below. It’s a little bit of a cliché tourist activity, but the viewing area restaurant and panoramic, 360-degree views make it worth it.

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