A 36 Hour Dubai Itinerary

Dubai is crazily beautiful, fun and exciting. It’s very hard to completely soak in its grandeur even after a month of stay. So when asked by our readers as what should we do on a 36 hour stay in Dubai, it was a hard answer to pen down. So much of glitz, glamour and charm and just 36 hours? Not fair.

A 36 Hour Dubai ItineraryBut it’s always better to have something than nothing. So even if you have 36 hours in Dubai, we help you to enjoy the best slice of the city that keeps you wanting for more.

Things to Consider before visiting Dubai:

• Dubai comes alive in winters. With every best thing happening in the city during this time, try to make your travel plans during winters i.e. between November till April.

• Dubai is very strict when it comes to its cultural laws. So ensure you carry decent clothing and abstain from drinking and showing affection in public.

• Dubai works on Sundays and enjoys the weekend on Fridays and Saturdays. So before booking take into consideration Dubai’s concept of a weekend.

• Most of the best places are packed during weekends, so if you are arriving on a Dubai weekend, please book prior reservations.

• Dubai visa policies are one of the best in the world with over 33 countries citizens not requiring prior visa. Furthermore, if all your documents are in place, then getting a Dubai tourist visa online is a matter of hardly 4-5 days that helps you plan a trip to Dubai even at the last minute.

Day 1:

Start by taking an early morning dip at the beautiful Jumeirah beach overlooking the mighty Burj Al Arab. The white sandy beach is beautifully calm and an amazing place to soak in the beauty of the vast ocean.

Post breakfast near the beach, head straight to explore the history, culture and traditions of the city. Head to the Dubai creek and take an ‘abra’ (traditional water taxis used since the ancient times) to reach the other side of the creek for ‘old Dubai.

Explore the world famous souqs of Dubai, starting with the glittering Gold Souq. One of the best places to see in Dubai, the bustling gold souq boasts of around 10 tons of gold every day and you can bargain on unimaginably beautiful designs as much as you feel like. Walk a little and you’ll be guided by the exotic aroma of spices towards the Spice Souq. Whether you buy or not, the sheer variety of world spices is enough to get your tongue wet.

Further you can also explore and shop from the Perfume and Textile Souqs, before stopping for a sumptuous lunch at any of the local eateries.

By the time its evening, Dubai gets illuminated with glittery lights and glamourous venues and it’s the perfect time to see its glitzy attractions of Dubai Mall. It is one of the biggest mall in the world, so don’t even think to try and cover it all. Instead go for its two main attractions- the Dubai Aquarium (world’s largest suspended acrylic aquarium) and the Dubai Fountain (the biggest themed water fountain in the world).

Day 2

Dubai desert photoStart your day early (actually very early) with the 4×4 safari coming to pick you up for an adventure ride in the Dubai desert and watching the perfect sunrise.The Dubai Desert Safari tour is famous all around the world and you have to experience it before you leave. Enjoy dune bashing, quad biking and take the perfect photoshots. Have some refreshments and get dropped back.

Check out from the hotel and on your way to the airport stop for visiting the Dubai Museum. We promise it’s unlike any other museum you’ve ever seen. The lifelike depiction of the souqs, huts, and daily life of the villagers in that era literally transports you to the Bedouin era and gives you a deep insight to the history of Dubai when it was a humble Bedouin village.
If you haven’t done much of souvenir shopping, don’t worry, the Dubai airport has a complete mall inside to help you pick up the last minute souvenirs for your friends and family.

Tips for a memorable trip while in Dubai:

• Dubai is a family city and most of the good hotels offer baby-sittingg services for a nominal fee.

• Dubai is very safe for women travelers but belonging from conservative roots, it expects you to carry yourself decently and not invite unwanted attention.

• If you are planning to visit Dubai, you do not need to get vaccinated for anything special. Also, Dubai is very well equipped with the best of public and private hospitals.

• Do NOT forget to carry along a good sunscreen with higher SPF and sun has special love for Dubai, and sunburn, heatstroke and exhaustion is always a possibility.

• Avoid visiting Dubai during the holy month of Ramadan. The whole emirate adheres to strict rules and regulations and expect the tourists to respect them too.

• You are not bound to pay tip and it is considered a personal choice only.

• Do not photograph any local especially Muslim women without their permission, you can land up in jail or will have to pay hefty fine.

• Dubai water is considered safe to drink (by WHO standards) so you don’t really need to buy mineral water bottles and can straight drink from the public taps and drinking water facilities deployed at all the major tourist places and markets.

With such a little time available to see this magnificent city, you have to make the most of it. While the above mentioned schedule will help you see the main attractions of the city, you may also skip going around the city by yourself and opt for the Big Bus Tour. The tour will take you through all the major attractions of the city. But as they say, a traveler has not seen the place until he has explored it on foot without a map or a guide.

So, go ahead and enjoy your layover at Dubai.

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