A Three Day Paris Itinerary

Paris Itinerary

A walk about Paris will provide lessons in history, beauty, and in the point of life. –Thomas Jefferson

Paris truly is one of the most amazing cities on the world, and when given the opportunity to visit, you should not miss out on it. Although it is rather impossible to fully experience the City of Light in just three days, and perhaps even in a lifetime, three days are better than none. Just as the lady who had her breakfast at Tiffany’s said: “Paris is always a good idea”. So if you have three days to get to know this sublime European capital, we will give you the itinerary which will allow you to get the most of the time on your disposal.

Paris ItineraryDay 1: Where Romance Meets Urban – Montmartre and Pigalle

What used to be a tranquil village with windmills and vines became a famous tourist spot of Paris. Montmartre, the artsy neighborhood, does not look like the Paris tourists have imagined, but it is the Paris in its actual nature. Small houses, narrow streets and different colors make Montmartre the most avant-garde district of Paris. The atmospheric cafes make you feel like you are in some old noir movie, watching the Parisians go by with their je ne sais qui. Make sure you visit the museums in the districts, from National Gustave Moreau Museum to Museum of Erotic. Continuing to the foot of Mount of Martyrs you will encounter Pigalle – the hip neighborhood of the City of Lights. Here, you will see a lot of cool music clubs, such as La Cigale, La Machine de Moulin Rouge and the Boule Noire. Just south of Pigalle, there is a quarter of Nouvelle Athènes – a home to staggering neoclassical mansions built by writers, composers and other artists.

Day 2: The Spirit of Medieval Paris – Marais

Marais is the best district of the town if you want to really experience a walk through the history of Paris. There are more pre-revolutionary streets and buildings in Marais than in any other neighborhood in the French capital. By observing the pride and elegance of the buildings you can get an insight into the wealth and prestige of their former residents. After the revolution, the area was abandoned by the rich and inhabited by bohemians. Today, it is the place where you can discover old fashioned bread shops, hip designers, unique bars, trendy shops, vintage boutiques, wine shops and fancy restaurants. When exploring the neighborhood start from the Bastille and continue to the Glass Opera House and the Place des Vosges. Make sure you visit the Rue the Rosiers, the Square of St. Catherine and Le Hotel de Sully.

Sully_GartenDay 3: A Parisian Picnic and Going with the Flow – Picnic along the Siene and a Cruise

A picnic in Paris is a true movie-like scene and everyone wants to do it. Still, it is highly likely that you will see a sign saying “Pelouse interdite”, which means “no sitting on the grass”, really often. That does not mean that Parisians do not like picnics. Au contraire. The stone banks of the Siene are one of the most desirable places to take your blanket, baguette, a fine bottle of wine, and, of course, cheese. Do not stick around on the mainland for too long though. A cruise in France carries more magic with it than any other. Get on a boat and follow the River Siene as you are rediscovering the full splendor of the riverbanks and monuments of La Ville Lumière. Gilding under one bridge to another, you will enjoy all the charms in the very heart of the bustling Paris.

cruiseNow it is time to say au revoir, to the city that captured the hearts of so many and that will forever remain the capital of everything that is beautiful, romantic and everlasting.

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