5 Best Countries for Solo Travellers

If you’re eager to explore the world, take a piece of advice from the seasoned travelers: make it a solo journey. This excludes being held back by the companions’ preferences or trepidation. Globetrotting alone provides you with opportunity to make as run-of-the-mill or daring decisions as you like, every step of the way.

Solo TravelerIndulge in a lazy beach day or go on an active sightseeing trip, it’s up to you. You have the chance to sleep under the stars, meet lovely people and test-drive the adrenaline-boosting attractions. We have selected the most interesting and peregrine-proof countries that have a lot to offer to a bonafide traveler.


A tiny but superbly organised country, Austria holds a high concentration of excellent sites to visit. A trip to its capital Vienna provides you with the possibility to visit the internationally acclaimed concert halls like Musikverein, see Klimt’s The Kiss in one of their finest museums and eat a piece of signature Sacher cake in the hotel of the same name.

AustriaTake a detour to the Mozart’s birth place and visit the Salzburg’s castle and the popular setting of The Sound of Music movie. When you’re there, taste the original Mozart pralines, the only legitimate round variety. This country abounds in architectural and natural beauty, and the railroad network is a great means of transport to see it all.


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