Best Method To Getting Cheap Flights Right Now!

Hey Guys its Andy here and today, we’re gonna talk about THE BEST method to get the Cheapest Flights. I have 2 questions that i will answer in this video: What site do i use to get the best deals and when you should book your flight, so lets get right to it.

1. Incognito mode

So the first thing and the MOST IMPORTANT is Using incognito mode. Don’t think that you are crazy if you see that the flight you searched for yesterday has gone up with 10 or 20 dollars. This is because your regular web browser saves cookies on the website, and once a flight search engine has seen that you search for an exact flight-destination they quickly ramp up the price the next time you are in and looking.. Yes.. Horrible i know.. And that is why we are using incognito mode. For Google chrome and safari the shortcut is Control, Shift + N on Internet explorer or mosilla firefox hit Control, shift P. Welcome to the web browser that is most commonly used for porn and flight/hotel booking.
Just remember that even incognito mode saves cookies, but only on that single session, so if you wanna start on a clean slate, close all the tabs and start over again.

2. What Website?

So you’ve probobly heard about all these websites. Kayak, momondo, skyscanner, google flights and such but witch one is the best? I’ll tell you my top 4 favorites that i use right now.
Skyscanner and momondo has allways been my favorites. because its easy to use and usually gets the cheapest prices. But in todays video i wanted really check if they were the best. So i did a little test for myself that lets say that i have a vacation where i can leave at 20th of august and go back on 30. of august. lets see witch one is the simples and the cheapest.
so we start off at the 4th. on the website called airfare watchdogs. i’ve seen this sites alot on blogs and websites that this search engine is the best at finding sales and error fares. so you can if you’re lucky and search often enough find really cheap flights. But i just didn’t like the way it felt, it was clunky in the way that you had to click all the links and popups and new tabs.. it could just be better in my oppinion.
Next is Kayak, and kayak is basically exactly the same as skyscanner and momondo, easy to use and good at what it does, the only problem i have with it, is that the “Flexible” option only shows 3 days before and after, i would much rather see the entire week/months so i can plan to take time off work when the cheapest flight is.
nr. 2 on the list is Momondo, because of the great “flexible dates” option that you can see at the top of this picture.
nr. 1 on the list is skyscanner and for 1 simple reason. the “flexible dates” option gives the whole month. and BAM, prices and everything just perfect. Also.. you can click “anywhere” on the destination witch shows you the cheapest flights there is. Momondo allso has this, but skyscanner is just better!
but i had to take it one step further. witch one is actually The cheapest? So using all the search engines witch one could give me the cheapest from Oslo to Barcelona, Round trip leaving at the of august and coming back on the 30th.
Nr. 4 is Airfare watchdog at 183 on all the like sidewebsites that i could go to.’
nr. 3 is kayak with 166 dollars
nr. 2 is Momondo at 163 dollars
nr. 1 is skyscanner at 153 dollars.
NOW.. I’ll have to say that iv’e tried this with other destinations and you get different results all the time. sometimes kayak wins, sometimes Airfare watchdog wins, but if i just were to use 2 sites for conviniences ake. i would go with skyscanner first than momondo.
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