Best Method To Getting Cheap Flights Right Now!

3. The Method

If you have watched this far in the video, firstly i wanna thank you, but you’ve probably understood that i don’t usually say. i’ll leave on the 20th. and come back at the 30th.  i’ll usually fly on the cheapest day!
Hop on to skyscanner
enter Your Departure and arrival cities
Select one way – don’t worry we are just checking the best day to fly out first
Instead of entering the exact day we are going to choose the whole month just to see what’s cheapest.
BAM you get this sweet ass table thing that tells you witch day is the best to fly on. now check the price and head over to momondo as well, and check on their price. Now pick a date when you want to leave, and then do the exact oposite on the returning flight. I’ll have to say that the dates that the cheapest flights are on, may not be the best to fly on considering that wednesday is usually the cheapest according to but now you can atleast see what you are missing out on, and maybe you can use some of those vacation days to book one day earlier, to get that sweet deal.

4. When to book.

The big question that comes up, when to book. And it is a big question to answer, should i book 4 months ahead, 1 minute ahead, 1 year in advance. but no, please don’t do any of those. Unless you want to do a Last-minute-flight witch ill make a video on soon links in the description. A Study from Airlines Reporting Corporation found that “the best time to purchase your ticket is about six weeks before your flight”.  and the ABOUT six weeks is really key, because if you follow this blindly you might buy your ticket and then find out its 10dollars cheaper the next day, but we have a workaround here boys and girls! and that is the Price Alert or Fare Alert. This button right here. This right here makes you the hero of when to book your flight. Set up an email notification and wapham, you get notified when the price drops, so when you are about 6 weeks away from the flight and you see 60dollars on that flight that you saw cost 130 before, you grab that shit.
Allright! That was this post! hopefully you found it helpfull! If you liked it please share it to someone you love! Allright, thanks guys, as allways, safe travels!

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