10 Best Places to Visit in Croatia


Located on Croatia’s northern Dalmatian Coast, Zadar is a three thousand-year old city with a great number of historic attractions. One very important aspect of Zadar is that it is not as crowded as many other popular places to visit in Croatia. A sightseeing tour of the city is most recommended as the Old Town boasts of numerous old churches, many medieval architectures and Roman ruins. There are some stunning beaches in Zadar as well. So, you can enjoy your time relaxing and sunbathing on the beaches and swimming in the crystal clear water.


Pula photoPula is another historic place with a magnificent old amphitheater that resembles the Colosseum of Rome. Positioned at the southern tip of Istria, Pula boasts of several other roman ruins worth your time. The amphitheater of Pula still host some wonderful festivals and events from time to time. If you are lucky enough you can enjoy one.


Korcula is most known as the birthplace of Marco Polo, a renowned merchant and traveler. The island feature some charming little villages, spectacular sandy beaches, olive groves, and vineyards. Natural beauty of the island is the most important reason it is one of the most popular places to visit in Croatia. The main town of Korucla is another walled city with colorful markets, wonderful accommodation facilities for tourists, and Venetian Renaissance architecture.


The capital of Croatia might not be the most popular and most visited place, but it has its share of charming attractions. In fact, Zagreb has a great mix of modern and historic abreactions. The history of Zagreb dates back to second century AD. Located in northwestern Croatia, Zargreb is the heart of the Croatian culture, an amazing cosmopolitan city, government and academics. You can enjoy a walk down the cobblestone streets and visit some of its medieval, old towers and churches.

Krka National Park

Located along the Krka River within Sibinik-Knin County, the Krka National Park is a secluded region of stunning natural scenery and wildlife. It is renowned for its natural lakes of blue-green, clear waters, and a number of gushing waterfalls. If you are a nature lover, make sure you admire the spectacular nature views of this wonderful national park in Croatia.

These are our 10 best places to visit in Croatia. If you don’t agree with our ranking, let us know in the comment section why a place deserves a superior or inferior rank.

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