Top 10 World’s Most Thrilling Bungee Jumping Sites

The World’s Most Thrilling Bungee Jumping Sites

Travel and tourism is one of the most booming businesses of the 21st century. People travel for various purposes like luxury, adventure or business. People love to explore new places, meet up with new people and pushing their limits. A recent trend in adventure travel is adventure sports. Bungee jumping is what comes into our minds when we talk of adventure sports. And why not? It is thrilling and extremely liberating! It’s also a great way to conquer your fears and get a fresh perspective. After all, you didn’t just plunge to carry on with the same old routine life, did you? Bungee jumping originated from the local tribe of Vanuatu in the Pacific. It is the rite of passage from teenage to adulthood for men. The boys bungee jump with no support but with a few vines tied to their legs. We list down 10 of the most thrilling bungee jumping for you.


10. Bloukrans Bridge, South Africa

Photo by salem elizabeth

The Bloukrans Bridge is a 216m tall bridge bungee and is the highest bridge bungee in the world. This is definitely one of the most thrilling bungee jumps as it is surrounded by mountains and lakes and the view is just spectacular. It is situated along the garden route in Plettenberg Bay and the beach hangs right above the Bloukrans River.


9. Macau Tower,China

Photo by Toby Oxborrow

The Macau tower is a 338m tall convention and entertainment center in China. It is a Hackett bungee jumping site and is 233 m high. This involves a 4 to 5 second free fall before the cord stretches and is an out of the world adventure.


8. Royal Gorge Bridge, Colorado


Royal Gorge Bridge is a suspension bridge and park in Colorado which sees a variety of activities in a year, bungee jumping being the most famous of all. The bridge stands 965 feet above the Arkansas River and is a beauty to behold. It is a mountainous region and bungee jumping here means you can truly get lost in the beauty of the place.


7. Kawarau Bridge, New Zealand

Photo by Global Panorama

Located in Queenstown, the adventure capital of the world, Kawarau Bridge is the world’s first commercially operated bungee jumping site. The pioneers were AJ Hackett and his partner. The bungee jump is 43m high. This site allows you to be tied up and thrown off with another person who can be your partner or a friend or a random stranger as it allows for a tandem bungee jumping. But just because you share the ride with someone doesn’t mean that the thrill is reduced or the fear is gone.  


6. The Last Resort, Nepal

Photo by Marc van der Chijs

The bridge is built over a 160m high tropical gorge and the raging Bhote Koshi River. The site is close to Tibetan border and the scene, breathtaking. The resort also allows for a variety of activities and you cannot miss that spa, especially after your jump.


5. Niouc, Switzerland

Photo by laurent bolli

Switzerland is endowed with much beauty and the cherry on the cake are its adventure sites. Niouc Adventure Park is surrounded by five 4000m high snow capped mountains and is Europe’s most famous bungee location. The site is 190m high and beneath is a 200m deep Canyon. The fall is extremely scenic and the thrill, well you won’t know till you try!


4. Victoria Falls Bridge, Zimbabwe

Photo by Ninara

The Victoria Falls Bridge crosses the Zambezi River and is a border between Zimbabwe and Zambia. The bridge is built below the falls over its second gorge and is 111m high. You can also try a tandem jump over here with a buddy.


3. Sky breakers, Finland

Sky Breakers Finland has a world record for executing and completing a bungee jump involving 12 people, all tied to the same rope. The bungee jump height is 150m and is Finland’s highest bungee jump. The jump is exciting as the pumpers land on a platform floating on the sea. They also offer car bungee which is unique and the car is constructed especially for this purpose. So, while you are at it, you can try all the possible variations.


2. Perrine Bridge, USA

Photo by Charles (Chuck) Peterson

What makes this site unique is that it is open only for a day in a year as bungee jumping here is restricted. It is 151.5m high and located over Snake River.


1. Cairns, Australia

Photo by sersen

Last but not the least, is our very own Cairns tower bungee jumping. It’s located in a dense tropical rain forest and the view from the top gives a good look of the Great Barrier Reef, the Coral sea, the Green Island and the mountains around Cairns. It is 50m high!


Bungee jumping means a massive adrenaline rush, not to mention the thrill and fun that we witness! But as they say, there is no free lunch. All these activities are costly and so is the price of reaching and staying near these places.  However, there is always a silver lining as OZCodes  and similar coupon sites provide multiple travel vouchers and save a good amount of money for us.


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