The 6 Best Places for Costa Rican Adventures


The 6 Best Places for Costa Rican Adventures.

The beautiful Central American country of Costa Rica is the perfect place for an adventure holiday. Here you will find thick rainforests, gorgeous beaches, dramatic volcanoes, amazing wildlife and a lively capital city of San Jose. Be sure to head to these highlights if you like plenty of action and adventure with your holiday:


6. Volcán Arenal

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One of Costa Rica’s most notable attractions is the breathtaking Volcán Arenal. This dormant volcano soars high into the sky above the surrounding rainforest and this makes it an impressive landmark that can be seen for miles around. The National Park in which it is located has dozens of great trails, white water rafting opportunities, zip line tours and much more. The best way to experience these activities is through booking your trip with a company like Grand American Adventures.


5. Nicoya Peninsula

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The Nicola Peninsula on the Pacific coast stretches a staggering 80 miles along the shore, so there is plenty to see and do along the way. This includes a number of cool surf beaches, inviting beach towns, water sports, exploring caves, birdwatching and hikes in the nearby nature and wildlife reserves.


4. San Jose

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San Jose is the vibrant capital city and a great base for exploring the surrounding natural beauty of Costa Rica. It has a convenient location where you can easily reach all the highlights, but there is also a tremendous amount to see and do here too so be sure to spend a few days exploring the city.


3. Manuel Antonio National Park

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Costa Rica boasts many great national parks, but Manuel Antonio is the pick of the bunch. Here you are treated to verdant rainforests, secluded beaches, dramatic coves and all kinds of great nature trails. No matter what you get up to in Manuel Antonio it is sure to be an adventure and you will encounter all kinds of beautiful wildlife along the way.


2. Cerro Chirripó

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The highest peak in all of Costa Rica at a mammoth 3,820 metres, reaching the peak of this is a real challenge but the jaw-dropping views from the top make it all worthwhile. It is situated within the Cirro Chirripó National Park, which is also home to all kinds of rugged terrain and exciting hiking trails.


1. Monteverde and Santa Elena

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These two neighbouring towns are surrounded by magnificent cloud forests. These are the ultimate place for adventure where you can explore thick, misty forests and go on fascinating tours to learn about these amazing reserves.

These are just a few of the amazing highlights that await in the beautiful country of Costa Rica.


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