Culinary Guide To Sydney – Best Things To Try Out

Australian wines

Sydney is the right place to visit in Australia if you love to taste some delicious food and have a bite when you are in a hurry. Although it is famous for its magnificent architecture and sights such as the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge, only the real food lovers know that this place is a gem of Australia and its secret place for exploring the best food the country has to offer.

Grab a Bite of Australian Food

Australian foodStart with the cuisine Australians themselves like eating and hit 133 Avoca Street to enter Bistro Avoca. The locals love its pan roasted barramundi which are served with beetroot, yellow curry sauce and broccolini. This will provide you with a lot of energy to stroll along the streets and survive in all the hustle and bustle such a vivid city has.

Taste Delicious Indian Food

Indian FoodGo to the Level 2, 345 Harbourside Shopping Centre and see the best Indian restaurant in Australia – Zaaffran. You will instantly feel the cosy atmosphere brimming with the positive energy as the staff are so pleasant to talk to and willing to share their recipes with you. Do not miss their Zaaffran Khoorus Biryani which will be excellent for those of you who are willing to take up some water sports such as stand up paddle boarding and surfing. Vegans and vegetarians are welcome too and you will thrilled to discover numerous healthy dishes they serve.

Do not Forget to Taste Australian Wines

Australian winesAustralia is famous for its wonderful wines and if you feel like tasting some of the best go to Café Mint placed at 579 Crown Street. There are wooden tables reminiscing Mediterranean café interiors so you will soon drift off to some cosy place on a shore. There are a lot of gluten-free meals to go for. Try Bundaberg original and discover why Australia is the home to the best wines in the world. If you get enchanted by the wine you can get some at well-equipped bottle shops in Sydney and carry them home as a souvenir.

Go on a Healthy Seafood Diet

healthy seafood There is no better place to try out healthy seafood than Sydney. Check out modern Australian cuisine at Rockpool, 11 Bridge Street. They serve fresh seafood and you should not miss their South Coast Abalone served with seaweed and cooked in brown butter. Once you try this type of food you will ditch all your bad eating habits. Forget about fast food restaurants, Sydney is the best place to embrace a healthy lifestyle and the best place to start with is Rockpool.

Grab a Bite of Food at the Markets

street food AustraliaIf you want to see the real Australia and get the sense of the city spirit you should try the locally grown food. This city appreciates and supports local farmers so everybody is into buying some organic food. Go for a bite of some of the local favourites. Roasted nuts are to die for and hot buttery roti will leave you breathless. The best markets to explore are Addison Road Farmer’s Market, Entertainment Quarter Village Markets and Sydney Morning Herald Grower’s Market.

If you are thinking of going on a culinary adventure you will be pleased to hear that Sydney should be your next destination. With its vast offer of both native, contemporary and international cuisines you will definitely have something up to your taste. Do not forget to try the thing that made Australia the best in the world. Australian wines are the best there are so be sure to order some and take away home with you as you are bound to come to like them. Book a flight now and indulge yourself in tasty food and drinks instantly!

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