7 Essentials Things for Every Luxury Hotel Room

What defines a well-equipped luxury hotel room most certainly is not the number of stars at the hotel’s front door. The stars only define your expectations. There are some items that have to find their place in a room so that we could give it the label – luxury. When you enter it, those things will make you say both “WOW” and “I could not imagine my staying here without it”. So, they have to be astonishing and functional. Here are 7 essential things for every luxury hotel room.

Fast and Secure Wi-Fi 

Wi-FiThis goes in “I could not imagine my staying here without it” group. It is a fundamental need for businessmen and for travelers who want to connect with their families at home. The internet access has to be free (although many hotel owners would loath on the mention of the free and fast Wi-Fi combo). This shows the understanding of guests’ needs.

TV and TV Inputs 

TV and TV InputsSpeaking of a modern man’s need. A good sized flat screen TV with inputs for different devices is a must. At some point, when you are staying in a hotel, you will want to plug in your iPad, laptop or smartphone and watch downloaded movies, listen to music or preview a presentation. The ability to plug in your own devices to a hotel TV is a great addition to a hotel room.

Comfortable and Functional Furniture

Comfortable and Functional FurnitureWe have all seen those hotels that brag with their modern, edgy and futuristic furniture. Most of the times, that furniture is not functional and it is impossible to sleep on the bed. A hotel room is a resting place, so the bed mattress should be as comfortable as possible. You should also have the chance to choose the level of softness of the mattress. Chairs and tables must be placed in practical places.

Luxurious Curtains and Rugs

Luxurious Curtains and RugsIf there are any elements that put the lux-feel into a room those are curtains and rugs. They provide with the cozy warmth of a welcoming space. The whole floor should be covered with rugs. They should be warm and clean so that, if you feel like it, you can walk even barefoot. There should be two layers of curtains, one transparent and other opaque, so that you get to choose for yourself how much sunlight to let in.

A Good Lighting System 

A Good Lighting System

A luxury hotel room must have a range of main lights and lamps. You must be able to adjust the brightness, depending on your current needs. Because working area is also a desirable feature of a hotel room, desk lights are also essential.

Adjustable Temperature

Adjustable TemperatureNot all people reacts the same at similar temperatures. That is why you should be allowed to adapt the room temperature to your preferences. Adjustable heating and air-conditioning system is one of the basic components of a top notch hotel room.

The Small Things that Count 

Plenty of lifesaving items should be a part of your luxury room. Some of them are number of plug sockets, iron, ironing board and spray starch, flight board and weighing station, bathroom cosmetic (facial cleanser, moisturizer, shower lotion, etc), air freshener, soft and lovely bed covers, full length mirror, mini bar, fitness equipment, etc.

We hope you will enjoy your luxury vacation or business trip and that your chosen room will have all the mentioned items.

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