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moorea beachThe Magical Island of Mo’orea is located just 16 kilometers from Papeete (capital of Tahiti) and can be reached by a fast ferry boat or a short airplane flight. The shallow lagoon surrounding the island makes it a perfect location for snorkeling and scuba diving, while the inland is made from 8 volcanic craggy peaks which rise up from the lagoon surrounding Moorea. The highest peak is Mount Tohi’e’a at 1230 meters which dominates the skyline. Be sure to explore the local villages, the hidden waterfalls and rare bird species that fill the air with vibrant songs.


tahaa-vanillaImagine stepping out into the blazing sun, the wind carrying a light scent of vanilla, the tides gently caressing the shore and feeling absolutely tranquil in this wonderful surrounding. This is just one typical day at the clover-shaped island of Taha’a, adorned by soft mountain shapes and surrounded by tiny motu with bright sand beaches. Explore the island through virgin islets exploration, waverunner adventures, jeep safari tours, hiking through the jungles, or helicopters tours and try some of the local crops like watermelon, vanilla and copra.


raiateaRaiatea is the first neighbor of Taha’a as they share the same lagoon. This small island offers many exciting excursions like hiking or horseback riding to discover the sacred Mt. Temehani Plateau, canoeing down the Faaroa River to the ancient and sacred complex of the legendary Taputapuatea, chartering a yacht in some of the most famous sailing waters in the world, touring the local villages by bus, and many fun day and night sea adventures in the clear turquoise waters.

These sister islands are truly a little piece of heaven on Earth and you will regret missing the chance to experience their divine beauty. The best idea for a trip to the French Polynesia would be to go island hopping on one of Paul Gauguin cruises where you get to see at least five of these sea gems in the course of just eight days.

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