10 Top Free Things to Do In Amsterdam

Enjoy a Stroll in Albert Cuypmarkt

A nice stroll along Albert Cuypmarkt can be a perfect way of passing wonderful and pleasing time. This particular marketplace is considered as the city’s largest as it stretches for more than one kilometre between Ferdinand Bolstraat and Van Woustraat. It offers stalls that sell everything from saucepans to raw-herring sandwiches. There are also some ethnic shops, as well as Surinamese and Indian restaurants that would surely satisfy anyone’s cravings for goods and food.

Enjoy Free Concerts at Concertgebouw during Lunchtime

The Concertgebouw is a popular venue for the arts and it is home for the famous Koninklijk Concertgebouw Orchestra. This place offers free concerts everyday during lunchtime, and attending a concert at Concertgebouw is indeed a great way of experiencing local culture and art. It was renovated in the 1990s and it is now one of the most visited places in the city. So, it is one of the top free things to do in Amsterdam.

Stroll along Vondelpark

If you are tired with the noise and sound of city life, you can enjoy the green part of Amsterdam. With its leafy expanses, the Vodelpark is considered the main park one of the best attractions of Amsterdam city center. The park is home to a wide range of imported and local plants. It also has a beautiful rose garden, narrow waterways and a series of ponds. The park also provides home to animals like sheep, cows, several squirrels and a huge group of parakeets (the very noisy and bright-green species). Visit this park during summer and you get to enjoy free theatrical performances and concerts on the park’s very own open-air theatre. So, visiting Vodelpark has to be one of the most amazing free things to do in Amsterdam. 

Discover Schuttersgalerij

The Schuttersgalerij, also known as the City Guard Gallery, is actually a covered street that leads from Begijnensteeg directly to Amsterdam Museum. This gallery is one of the very few freely accessible attractions in the city. It displays the portraits of the civic guards. If you want to explore the main museum, you will have to pay an entrance fee. But it is free to enjoy this gallery.

Ride a Ferry across the IJ

Ferry rides in Amsterdam are free, at least the ones that goes from the back of the Centraal Station going to Amsterdam Noord. This is one of free things to do in Amsterdam that would let you see the leafy suburbs that are ideal for strolling. This neighbourhood is actually a part of the re-discovery process of the city’s best place to explore. So, go there and be among the people to rediscover the beauty of this location.

Visit the Westerkerk – Amsterdam’s finest church

Listening to the bells of this wonderful church was one of Anne Frank’s favourite pastimes during the times she was trapped in she own house. The Westerkerk is a dominating figure in the city, with its 85 meter tower standing tall and graciously soaring above the rest of the city’s structures. What makes this church truly enchanting is that the elegant interior is totally in contrast with the simple and plain exterior.

Take a Gassan Diamonds tour

Most of the local Jews in Amsterdam used to work as diamond cutter and polishers before the Second World War Today though; the industry is not as much as visible, except for the existence of the Gassan Diamonds factory. Tourists can enjoy a free guided tour that includes a visit to the factory’s cutting and polishing sections. The main attraction of the tour is a visit to the factory’s diamond jewellery showroom.

These are some of the top free things to do in Amsterdam you should consider in your list of things to do in Amsterdam.

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