10 Top Free Things to do in Sydney

Sydney, Australia is known as one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. People from all walks of life from around the world visit Sydney to enjoy the sights and sounds this great city offers. What make this Australian city really popular are its diversity and a great number of exciting experiences to have. The general perception is “Sydney is expensive”, but it is not like if you know how to get best out of your Sydney trip without spending much. There are limitless numbers of wonderful free things to do in Sydney. Here is our list of 10 top free things to do in Sydney that you must not miss doing in your trip to this wonderful city:

1. Stroll along Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney Harbour Bridge photoIf you opt to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge the traditional way, you will probably have to spend a little less than $150. That is a lot of money that you can easily save up if you would just stroll along the bridge’s eastern edge’s pedestrian pathway. The views of the bridge and the festivity around it will ensure you have some unforgettable moments. You can’t exclude this activity from your never-miss free things to do in Sydney.

2. Enjoy the Best Aussie Views from the North Head Lookout

It is easy to enjoy the best views that Sydney offers – for free – from the North Head Lookout. Here, you can have fun gazing out and enjoying Sydney’s skyscrapers. And if you are really lucky, you may even have the opportunity to see a whale or two. Go to the North Head at sunset and have one spectacular Sydney moment.

3. Have a Picnic at the Royal Botanic Gardens

You do not have to pay for an entrance fee to enjoy beautiful botanical scenery. Sydney has the Royal Botanic Gardens that you can visit if you want to be surrounded with tropical greenhouse while having a picnic at the heart of the city. This is an activity to include in your list of free things to do in Sydney when you are in a group of people.

4. Enjoy Free Live Music

Visiting Opera Bar, a nice terrace bar, will give you the chance to enjoy magnificent harbour views and free nightly live music. This place also offers the same treat every weekend afternoons. Bondi’s Beach Road Hotel also offers free live music. You can find many more places in Sydney where you can enjoy free live music.

5. Spot Sea Creatures for Free

There is no need to go to the Sydney Aquarium to see lots of marine life. You can enjoy them in their natural habitat by visiting Shelly Beach, Gordon’s Bay and Clovelly. Do not forget to bring your swimming goggles. If you love spotting wonderful sea creatures, you have to include it in your never-miss free things to do in Sydney.

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