14 Interesting Facts About Paris You Should Know

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Paris is always one of the most popular and most visited cities on earth. It is often mentioned as “the City Of Light”, “the City of Love” and “Capital of Fashion”. Paris is extremely rich in terms of history, culture, art, architecture, rebellion and many more. If you have visited this beautiful, vibrant city even once, you know why you should come back and make more unforgettable memories. If you are an avid traveler, you should visit Paris as many times as you can. Even if you have visited Paris several times, you many don’t know many of the following interesting facts about Paris:

Paris Wallpaper

1. The Number of Trees in Paris!

Interestingly, all the trees in Paris are measured and referenced. The number of trees in the city is 4,70,000!

2. The Shortest Street In Paris is just 5.75 metres! 

There are exactly 6100 streets in the city. One of the most interesting facts about Paris is the size of its shortest street which is measured and mentioned. City’s shortest street is located in the 2nd arrondissement. Known as Rue des Degrés, it is just 5.75 metres.

3. The Number of Open Terraces in Paris!

It will take you about 25 years to visit all the open terraces (restaurants, cafes and bars) in Paris one per day.  There are around 9057 open terraces in Paris.

4. Only One STOP Sign in the whole Paris!

Yes, you read it right. You will find only one stop sign at the exit of a building company located in the 16th arrondissement. Paris’s traffic system is principally based on showing way to those coming from the right.

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