14 Interesting Facts About Paris You Should Know

05. The Weight of Notre Dame Cathedral’s Bell!

You may don’t imagine how big the bell of Notre Dame Cathedral is. Known as Emmanuel, the bell weighs more than 13 tonnes!

6. The Construction Time of the Louvre

The Louvre in Paris is arguably the most popular and most famous museum on earth. You may don’t know how long it actually took to build the magnificent Louvre. It took exactly 666 years to complete the work. Another interesting fact is that it should take around 10 months to look at every single item in Louvre. There are in fact around 35 thousand works of art in Louvre.

7. People Once Mocked Eiffel Tower!

Alexandre Gustav Eiffel is the designer of the famous Eiffel Tower. He is the person who designed the famous Statue of Liberty in 1885 as well. Interestingly, when the tower first went up, people mocked it and called it hideous and many paid no attention as it was supposed to be taken down after 1889 World Fair.

8. The First Public Clock In Paris

In 1370, the first public clock in Paris was installed at the Tour de l’Horloge (Tower clock) of the Conciergerie.

9. The Paris Syndrome!

Japanese tourists visiting Paris are often sent back to home because they sometimes suffers from “Paris Syndrome” which is extreme cultural shock. It happens due to the lack of preparation by the tourists. The symptoms include dizziness, sweating, anxiety, hallucinations and acute delusional state.

10. Dinner Party Invitation!

One of the very interesting facts about Paris is there is a man named Jim Haynes in Paris who has been inviting complete strangers for dinner parties in his house each week for more than 30 years. Now, in order to get his invitation, one has to register in his website first.

11. Hitler’s Eiffel Tower Visit!

When Hitler visited Eiffel tower, the French Resistance cut the elevator of the tower to keep Hitler from visiting the tower. When faced with the prospect of climbing over 1500 stairs, the notorious. Nazi leader opted out.

12.Discovery of 2 Million Euro Painting!

A Paris apartment was left unoccupied for over 70 years still the rent was paid right on time.  When the renter died, a 2 million Euro painting was discovered inside.

13. Fake Paris!

During the World War II, just to confuse the German troops, France built a Fake Paris near Paris.

14. Protection of Louvre’s Artifacts During WW II!

During WW II, before Nazi troop invited Paris, the artifacts of Louvre were secretly distributed among the affluent French citizens around the country. The artifacts were safely hid in the houses of those citizens.

These are some of the interesting facts about Paris. If you know any other interesting facts about Paris, let us know in the comment section. And if you liked this video, please hit that subscribe button. As always, Safe travels

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