6 Wonderful Lesser Known Places to Visit In India

The world is a beautiful place. As you travel far and wide, you realize this more often. From the Mediterranean cities like Palma and Tangier to European tourist gems like Amsterdam, London, Paris, and Prague, the list of spectacular places never seems to end. Like other continents, Asia too has plenty of beautiful and interesting places for the avid travellers to visit, experience and enjoy. India, the country known for its rich diversity of people and places, offers a reviving meditation for travellers who seek to see the wonders and magnificence of nature, historical attractions and culture of this vast Asian country. If you are planning your trip to India, don’t just include the most popular attractions. Try to include some of the following most beautiful lessen known places to visit in India:

06. Shettihalli, Karnataka

Shettihalli, one of the lesser known places to visit in India

The southern parts of the country often said to share the best of greenery and nature’s splendour in the country. Bangalore is a go-to destination for anyone who comes to South India. The city has an international airport and it is touted as the Silicon Valley of India. One spectacular attraction around is Shettihalli Lake which is about 60 miles from the city centre. If old and mysterious ruins are of great interest to you, you should love visiting lake and its Rosary Church, also called the floating chapel. It’s renowned for its gothic architecture. The church has been abandoned for more than about two centuries now. The beauty and magnificence of this place make it one of the most beautiful lesser known places to visit in India.

05. Gulf of Mannar, Tamil Nadu

Gulf of Mannar

Like Bangalore, Chennai is another famous metropolitan in India. To walk at its Marina Beach, to explore is its museum, and a candid chat with the local people open up many insight into the history and culture of this vibrant city. After you are done with the city tour, it is time to head to the Gulf of Mannar, the coastal bay in the Indian Ocean. The beauty of the place is spellbinding. The panoramic scenery across the hazy blue sky hung above the turquoise spread of water below is something that comes with a Mediterranean touch. It has the virtue to make you surprise. What’s best about the Gulf of Mannar is that it is uncrowned place with a rich marine life, and your camera can stay busy for as long as you want. Spot sea gulls, turtles, whales, dolphins, etc. right at the coast. It is an unspoilt paradise.

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  1. Have been to andaman and Nicobarese islands and those ilands are beautiful. Natural beauty with miles and miles of clean beaches, wonderful. Shantiniketan on the other hand has its own charm, peace and spirituality.

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