Top 4 Mountains in Tibet You Have To See

There’s a lot of things that can be said about the mountains in Tibet. Every region has its own geographical significance and these special characteristics make it amazing. Tibet is a gifted place and the almighty has decorated this region with amazing mountains, scenic lakes and picturesque landscapes. Tourists can simply stare at Tibet’s beauty and spend their time gracefully. Nevertheless, the opportunities of adventure are fantastic in Tibet. Get lost in the natural scenery and find yourself in a magical land. There are some marvellous festivals to impress you and then there is Tibet’s extraordinary cuisine, which can give your taste buds something special. In this article, we will focus our attention on the snowy peaks of Tibet and explore their special features for your Tibet travel

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Tibet’s Geography

Tibet is unique in many ways and this region’s geography is absolutely amazing. From high mountains to gorgeous lakes, everything paints a perfect picture. The long rivers flow through Tibet and it greatly influences the region’s geography. Tibet is high above the world and the climate here is chilly. Tibet will put you through many challenges, but you will love every bit of it. The entire country consists of separate regions and these regions define Tibet. From the charismatic “lake region” to the fertile “river region”, there is bliss everywhere. The hydro logical structure of each region is different and so are their cultural uses. Tibet still has a distinct mountainous nature and this affects the overall climate greatly. Variations are often seen and this is experienced throughout the country.

1. Mt. Kailash

Mt. Kailash

One of Tibet’s most sacred mountains, this peak is known for its distinct religious significance. From Hinduism and Tibetan Buddhism to Jainism, the religions just merge in this holy spot and bring people of different races together. Mt. Kailash is situated very close to the sacred Lake Manasarovar. This is another amazing tourist spot and this lake has increased the significance of Mount Kailash. With a stunning elevation of around 6,638m, the peak offers a scenic view to the travelers. Its exact location is in the Ngari area and it lies close to the Chinese and Indian border. The mountain remains covered with snow all throughout the year and fog surrounds it all the time. Kailash has a unique pyramid-like shape towards the top. When the sunlight falls on it, it looks absolutely amazing and it will always lure pilgrims.

There are some favorable times to visit this place and the journey can commence on May. It is suitable for trouble till the end of June. Pilgrims come from all regions and they continue to show their unhindered devotion. For the adventurers, Mt. Kailash is still insurmountable. The roadways can be taken while travelling from Lhasa to Mount Kailash and the southern route is more popular. The distance between these two places is almost 1,400km and a lot of lodges are found along the way.


2. Mt. Everest

Mt. Everest

The world’s highest peak is 8,844m tall and it goes up high above the normal sea level. This is the ultimate destination for mountaineers and they love every bit about it. Adventurers always thing about conquering this Holy Grail and the base camp is really famous. The mountain is absolutely magnificent and tourists often take a journey by foot. Mt. Everest is the pride of Himalayas and it just sits along the Nepal-Tibet border. The southernmost area is a part of Nepal, whereas China gets the northern slope. The region’s natural scenery is beyond comparison and three of the peaks cross 8,000 meters. Adventure, religion and a whole lot of spirituality, Everest has both cultural and religious significance. It is truly awe-inspiring in mature and Tibetan monks have dwelled in this place.

You can easily connect with your inner self, by getting up, close and personal with Mount Everest. The harsh cold months should be avoided and this actually helps a lot. When it comes to visiting Everest, summer is indeed the best time. Visit Everest from Lhasa, by taking the most popular Shigaste route. Several travelers start their journey to EBC from Lhasa and this is a fulfilling trip. From getting the right kind of accommodation to the entrance fees, you need to hire the right agency for this.

3. Mt. Namcha Barwa

Mt. Namcha Barwa

Another stunning mountain peak, Tibet can boast off, this one is fabulous. Part of Tibetan Himalaya, this peak forms the all-important eastern anchor. The height crosses 7,600 meters and it looks quite amazing. Tibet is an autonomous region of China and Namcha Barwa lies in Nyingchi Prefecture. Not that accessible to common travelers, this region has a beauty of its own. Outsiders rarely come here and it is mainly populated by the locals. Cloud as well as mist forms an aura of perfection around Namcha Barwa and it is present in the list of the world’s most beautiful peaks. The region witnesses a tremendous amount of rainfall and it continues till September. Travelers can come here during the spring season and the early part of summer is also favorable. Hiking can be done in Nyingchi and the opportunities are endless here.

The rich Tibetan culture is evident here and several ethic groups engage in some unique rituals. This has been a significant feature of the mountains in Tibet and this has not changed over the years. The place has some definite religious merit and Tibetans consider it extremely holy. Explorers start from Lhasa and go towards Namcha Barwa mainly for trekking. The route passes through Samye, which is an amazing one. The planning should be done beforehand and raingear must be carried. The overall experience to this holy mountain is quite captivating.

4. Mt. Shishapangma

Mt. Shishapangma

A very high mountain which ranks 14th in the list, Mount Shishapangma stands tall in Tibet’s south-central part. Situated very close to Nepal and this 8000m peak is fully within Tibet. The vertical relief is not that dramatic, when compared to the other Himalayan peaks. The forest which goes by the name ice tower is extremely attractive and it has a great appeal to the mountaineers. This is nature at its very best and the glaciers look absolutely amazing. The local culture has thrived here for a very long time and it has intermingled with the lives of the people. The religious status given to this mountain by the Tibetans is very high. This mountain signifies luck and this is why, thousands of people go here. The foreign travelers are also mesmerized by its beauty and they can stop appreciating the beauty. The mountain is often mentioned in various folk tales as well as songs. Want to come to Shishapangma? Two time spans are perfect for this. One is in April-May, the other one is in October-November.

Trekking tours to Mount Shishapangma are organized from Lhasa city and it is a famous one. This adventure trek is fabulous and it gives a lot of excitement. Some useful medicines must be carried with you, as it can help you in the trip. Take good trekking equipments to make the most out of their trip. Make the most out of the adventure and have a great Shishapangma trip.

Mountains are the highlights of Tibet and visiting them is an experience in itself. Plan your Tibet tour perfectly and enjoy marvellous days.




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