9 Beautiful Places to Visit in Thailand

One of most precious jewels of Southeast Asia and also known as the Land of Smiles is a collage of beautiful sceneries, lush landscapes, Buddhist temples, white sandy beaches, pristine blue beaches with stunning coastlines, blue lagoons, traditional farming villages, delicious Thai food, and much more. Thailand is one of the most popular travel destinations in Southeast Asia. We have prepared a list of 9 most beautiful places to visit in Thailand. Whatever be your need, Thailand is definitely not going to disappoint you. Ask your tour operator for customized Thailand Tour Packages as per your needs and requirements to experience thrilling and exciting adventures and several memories to cherish.


Bangkok photoThe largest city in Thailand is a composition of buzzing streets, ancient temples, high rise buildings, glittering nightclubs, and mouth-watering and tantalizing street food. There are several green spaces, flowering tropical plants, and canals to explore is the jam-packed city. You can even quench your shopping thirst by visiting Khao San Road. One of the start attractions of this city is the sacred wat Phra Kaew temple which contains the Emerald Buddha. We would recommend this as one of the places to visit in Thailand.

KhaoSok National Park

One of the most beautiful wildlife reserves in Thailand. It comprises of lively rivers and lakes, limestone karsts, and tropical jungle forests. There are several types of animals like the Asian elephant, wild boards, bears, barking deer, Malayan tapirs, and various monkey breeds such as the pig-tailed macaques, langurs, and the gibbons. You are trek in the jungle to spot various wildlife or click the beautiful waterfalls or even enjoy a swim in the natural ponds or simply admire the amazing view from elevated spots. This has to be on your checklist of places to visit in Thailand.


Pai has developed into a booming town which is famous for its relaxed atmosphere and picturesque valley. A preferred destination for tourists and backpackers who wish to explore the region. There are several trekking options at the mountain foothills. There are beautiful waterfalls, hot springs, and elephant camps to look out for. One of the most beautiful places to visit in Thailand for tubing and whitewater adventures. Come and experience the beautiful landscapes and scenery in Pai.

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