11 Things You Should Do Every Time You Travel

Things you should do when you travel

Even if it is your first time to explore beyond your territory, it can be easy to appear like a seasoned traveler. The key is to rely on your intuitions and enjoy the experience of learning the different cultures of different countries. As much as possible, try not to be carried away with what you hear or read, just go ahead and explore. Try these 11 things and enjoy the adventure.

Venture Beyond the Tourist Spots

Your safety is important, but your curiosity should also be satisfied. So, it would be a good idea to venture to places where other tourists dare not to. Going to off-beaten path would give you more insights on the country you’re at. It can be a bit challenging, but then again every adventure has challenges that should be be accepted and won.

Use Public Transport

Use public transportIf you want to get the local feel of a city, there is nothing better to do than use public transportation. Take buses and trains, and avoid taxis. Do not forget the city map and always keep your eyes on your belongings.

Buy Your Souvenirs from Authentic Local Shops

Go to the local markets and see the local good being sold by the local traders. This is the best way to bring home genuine local momentos that would remind you of your adventure. Gift shops may offer some good souvenir items, but they can be really pricey and most of them are not from local artists and traders.

Write Down Everything

Although the memories will probably stay with you for a long time, some details may stray away from your mind after some time. The best way to not lose any precious moment of your adventures is to keep a diary where you can document every single detail of your every traveling exploration.

Have your Meal at Personally Recommended Restaurants

It may be nice to eat on restaurants that have been rated well online. But if you want to taste authentic local cuisine, it would be ideal to ask around. Leave Google alone for a few days and chat up the locals. They will surely have some useful information on where you can find the best restaurants.

Explore Beyond your Original Destination

An excursion to a city/town outside your original itinerary is highly recommended. You may discover that the not-so popularly recommended neighboring town is actually much prettier than the one you have chosen.

Learn the Local Language

No one wants to look ignorant especially in a foreign country. Though English is spoken in most parts of the world, it won’t hurt you to learn a few common phrases so that you will not be clueless when you finally get to your destination.

Spend a Day in a Neighborhood

Exploring a neighborhood intimately is a good way of getting the feel of local living. Spend a day walking – or you can rent a bike – and go around your chosen neighborhood. Do not limit yourself. Explore, look, learn, talk and listen. Before the day is over, you will surely feel like one of the locals.

Enjoy the Local Nightlife

NightlifeEvery town or city awakens with a new magic when evening falls. Dressed up and join the locals and other tourists as they enjoy live music, bar scenes and overall appeal of city nightlife.

Get Lost and Have Fun

Though it can be scary to be lost in a strange place, it can also be fun and challenging. So, try to leave the map for one afternoon and explore on your own. This is a good way of stumbling on new things and discovering fresh ideas.

Give Yourself a Challenge

Try new things and get out of your comfort zone. Your plans may be good, but you will not have the best experience unless you stray away from what you are used to. So, eat, do and see new things, and make the journey a truly adventurous one.

Things you should do when you travel

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  1. Especially writing down everything you experience is important. You think you’ll remember the most, but you probably won’t. I kept a diary while traveling through Cuba and Cape Verde and it is so much fun to read it back a few years later 🙂

  2. Getting lost is the core part of adventures! So many of our great stories start with ‘we were looking for…” or “we had no idea where we were…”

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