10 Top Things to do in Crete

4. Admire Elafonisi Beach

Crete is full of beautiful beaches, and one that certainly belongs to the elite is the Elafonisi. This beach is located on the island’s west side and it is famous for its white and pink sand. It also boasts of a tiny island and shallow shimmering lagoon. You can’t exclude a visit to Elafonisi Beach from any list of things to do in Crete.

5. Get to Know the Venetian Side of Crete

After four centuries of occupation, it is only natural that the Venetians have left their significant mark on the island. Visiting the Spinalonga Island will take you to a totally new world where the most well-preserved Venetian castle ruins are on display.

6. Visit One Of The Most Photographed Greek Attraction

There are certainly lots of most-photographed sites and places in Greece, one such site is the Balos Lagoon. The stunning outcrop of this place is beautifully surrounded by crystal-blue waters and white sand.

7. Take the Happy Train

The best way to go from Elounda to Plaka is by riding the Happy Train. The ride is simply wonderful as it offers breathtaking views, which include Spinalonga. Elounda has a harbour known as the celebrity resort, while Plaka is a splendid fishing village.

8. Learn Crete Culture

Crete is an island proud of its culture, and visiting Chania – the island’s culture capital – is going to provide you with a wealth of knowledge on culture of the island. There are lots of art galleries, theatres and museums to visit in this old town. Other attractions here include a former mosque, a Venetian lighthouse and some Turkish and Venetian buildings.

9. Explore the Dikti Cave

Just outside Psyhro is Crete’s Lashiti Plateau’s main attraction, the Dikti Cave. This is a large cave, covering 2200 square meters. Legend has it that this was the place where Zeus was hidden for protection from Cronos.

10. Get Charmed by Agios Nikolaos

Agios Nikolaos may have become touristy in the recent years, but it still managed to maintain its charm and mesmerizing character. It offers a few great attractions like the restaurants and cafes surrounding the deep lake, as well as the marina and the folk museum.

These are our 10 top things to do in Crete. We are sure you will love doing every of these in your trip to this beautiful Greek island.

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