16 Exhilarating Things to do in Dubai

Burj Khalifa Observatory Deck

One of the iconic buildings of Dubai and world’s tallest; Burj Khalifa stands proud as one of the world’s most intellectual engineering marvel. Watching the world around you from its 144th floor observatory deck should definitely be a part of your things to do in Dubai.

Get Dazzled By The Glitter Of The Gold Souk

When in Dubai you just can’t miss it. The Gold Souk (Arabic term for market) in Dubai is the most famous gold market in the world with almost 10 ton gold present at the souk on a daily basis. With over 300 retailers dealing almost exclusively in jewellery and showing off unimaginable gold designs, you can’t afford to miss this one of a kind experience.

Try The Traditional Arab Shisha

There can’t be a more authentic Arabic Middle Eastern experience than enjoying a great view while sucking a pipe of Shisha. Commonly known as Hookah as well, Dubai offers some of the best Shisha options both economically viable and upscale. For upscale Shisha joints Smoky Beach at JBR, The Palace Courtyard, and One& Only Royal Mirage are some of the upscale Shisha joints in Dubai. The loyalists recommend Special Shisha at the Reem al Bawadi, and Blueberry Shisha at Indulgence café.

Visit The Ibn Battuta Mall

Why Ibn Battuta? The Ibn Battuta mall is a huge mall with over 270 shops, 21 screen cinema, 50 restaurants, and more than 4500 parking spaces built in a total area of 521000 sq.mtrs. But this is not the only reason why you should visit Ibn Battuta mall. The mall is built with an inspired theme of the great Moroccan explorer Ibn Battuta and the countries he visited during his exploration. The entire mall is divided into 6 different courts namely India, Egypt, China, Andalusia, Tunisia and Persia courts. The intricate artwork, authentic décor and the overall country specific feel of each court will make sure you have a great experience.

Eat At Ravi

Almost a legend in Dubai, you have to eat at Ravi restaurant to completely understand the craze locals and tourists from all over the world have for it. Tables with no fancy table cloths and simple waiters with no fancy accent serving finger- licking Indian and Pakistani curries are sure to blow your mind.

Abra Ride

Once just a means of trade and transportation, Abras (water taxis) today are more of an experience than a means of transportation. The traditional abras take you from one end of Dubai creek to the other and make you experience a part of the historical heritage of Dubai. An Abra can take you to the other side of the creek in less than a Dirham.

Visit the Sheikh Mohammed Centre of Cultural Understanding

A must visit place to understand the Islamic culture in Dubai, this cross cultural experience is sure to give you great insights, appreciation and understanding about the Muslim world. Also enjoy traditional Emirati cuisine with specialized delicacies like Camel chocolate. If you can, be there around evening, the prayer sung during the sunset will give you goose bumps.

Visit Dubai Museum

Dubai Museum is considered as Dubai’s best museum and its Al Fahidi Fort is regarded as the oldest structure in the city. The exhibits in the museum will enable you to understand how from fishing and pearling village Dubai has become a global center of commerce, finance and tourism. You will be able to watch a 10 minute video about history, heritage and culture of Dubai.

Have Fun in Wild Wadi Water Park

If you are with your family, a visit to Wild Wadi is one of the never-miss things to do in Dubai. You can expect to take part in unlimited water activities, rides and sports with your kids. Some of the most popular rides in the Wild Wadi include White Water Wadi, Hos’N Hurler, Wadi Leap, Jebel Lookout, Flood River Flyer, Wadi Basher, Wadi Twister, and Falaj Fury.

Enjoy a Hot Air Balloon Flight  

Dubai has no shortage of adventure activities and riding a hot air balloon is one such adventure activity in Dubai you should take part in if you are an adventure lover. This can be the best way to explore the Deserts of Dubai and have a close look at the great city from the sky.

Dubai poses a delicate balance of new and old and thus, gives its tourists the best of both in its history, culture and ultra-modern amenities. Many who have visited Dubai many a times, still swear about its refreshing feel, warm hospitality and many unseen new attractions. The first step to love Dubai is to get to know it with its best and most essential bucket list things to do. Don’t miss it.

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