10 Top Things to do in Maldives


5. Go On Board a Dhoni

If you like going for romantic sea adventure, your best option when in Maldives is taking to the sea on board the traditional wooden boat called Dhoni. Most hotels arrange early morning Dhoni rides. Take advantage of this treat and unravel Maldives secrets. This one surely is one of the best things to do in Maldives.

6. Enjoy Sunset and Champagne on a Cruise

Going on a Maldives cruise? Why not choose a sunset schedule. There are sunset cruise packages that give tourists the chance to relax while sipping champagne and watching flying fish and dolphins do their thing.

7. Adopt a Coral Reef

Want to help save, restore and protect the lagoon, you can choose to “Adopt a Coral Reef” when visiting Iruveli. All you will need to do is to create a coral frame and place it in the reef. This action will encourage re-growth. If you want an update on your adopted coral reef, you can ask the association to send you pictures through email.

8. Have an Once-In-A-Lifetime Castaway Experience

Not everyone like hanging out with crowds. If you are the type of tourist who would rather be on your own for most of the time, you should check out the deserted island adventures being offered by some of Maldives resorts.

9. Try out a Maldivian Massage

A visit to Iruveli, Maldives is not going to be complete without trying out the most invigorating Maldivian massage being offered by the De Spa complex of the Beach House Iruveli. A massage is always a good respite after doing all those tourist activities. This is surly among the best things to do in Maldives.

10. Get Married in Paradise

This may not be the most common activity among tourists. But it is definitely one of the best things to do in Maldives as it is such a wonderful place. The islands are simply marvellously created to perfection by nature, that they provide the best backdrop for special occasions like weddings.

These are some of the top and unique things to do in Maldives. You should enjoy taking part in each of these activities and making memories of lifetime.

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