10 Top Things to do in San Francisco

San Francisco is a wonderful city with contagious energy, vibrant neighborhoods, parks perfect for biking and jogging, tempting boutiques, stellar locavore restaurants and cocktail bars, hot arts scene, and breathtaking nature. Every year, thousands of people from all over the world come and visit this wonderful city in California.  Have you ever wished to visit and explore the city of the Golden Gate? If so, you should find this list of top ten things to do in San Francisco quite helpful.

1. Experience the Magnificence of the Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge photoAs it has already been mentioned above, the Golden Gate Bridge is really – and almost always – the first stop for San Francisco visitors. It is after all the world’s most famous bridge – and also one of the most photographed attractions on Earth. So, be a true tourist and walk over this wonderful and mesmerizing piece of architecture. So, visiting Golden Gate Bridge surely is one of the never-miss things to do in San Francisco.

2. Bond with Nature at the Golden Gate Park

Yes, there’s the Golden Gate Bridge and there’s the Golden Gate Park. This 4.5 mile long mini paradise is located in what used to be scrubby sand dunes. The locals have been successful and proud in their efforts of preserving this green land since 1866. The park offers attractions like the California Academy of Sciences, MH de Young Museum, Japanese Tea Garden and the Beach Chalet. So, you can’t exclude a visit to the Golden Gate Park from your list of top things to do in San Francisco.

3. Have a Taste of California Cuisine

San Francisco beats New York when it comes to restaurants/capita ratio. It is the Californian city that is considered as one of the dreamiest dining destinations in the world. Because of such accolades, San Francisco chefs continuously vie to be unique, inventive, innovative and more sustainable. They carry on with the tasks like their lives depend on them. When in San Francisco, you are just never going to run out of food or restaurant choices.

4. Visit Alcatraz

The Rock, as it is aptly named, was a notorious prison located in Alcatraz Island. It held Native American dissidents and Civil War deserters when it first opened in the 19th century, and it was closed in 1963 by Bobby Kennedy. Records say that no prisoner was ever successful in escaping from this place – several certainly tried though. Visiting The Rock will give you a glimpse of prison life; the cell-house tours are really fascinating.

5. Meet the Sea Lions

One of San Francisco’s most popular places to visit is the PIER 39 – located at the Fisherman’s Wharf. Tourists to this place are regularly treated to the antics of the California sea lions that have taken up residence on the floats of the Marina. This can be a unique experience and you should consider including in your list of things to do in San Francisco.

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