12 Exciting Things to Do in Singapore

Enjoy Sky Dining

Insidecntower360Who doesn’t like to dine in a cosy environment with servers waiting for your order patiently. But when there is an opportunity to enjoy a meal in an exotic and tallest place, then one should grab it with both the hands. This kind of exciting offer is waiting for you in Singapore. With the Sky Dining experience, you can enjoy food sitting comfortably in a copious capsule built on the top of the largest observation wheels. A butler will be at your service, ready with Chinese and Western cuisines. The majestic view of Singapore’s skyline comes along as a perk with the dining. Thus, sky dining is one of the finest things to do in Singapore.

Drive a Ferrari or Lamborghini on Formula 1 Track

If you are smitten by the speed and thunderous sound of racing cars, and tamed a wish to drive them, then head to the Singapore F1 Street Circuit. You can drive a Ferrari or Lamborghini on official Formula 1 track and experience the speed and thrills. Become a race-car driver and set the track on fire by driving at a speed of 300 km/h. If you are weak at driving, then be a passenger and let a professional driver offer you a ride that will make you dizzy!

Ride a Plane at Flight Experience

During childhood, we all have wished to become a pilot out of sheer curiosity whenever a plane flies above us. Whether or not you have become one, you can ride not just any aircraft, but a Boeing 737 in Singapore. At Flight Experience, you will be in the captain’s seat and ride the monstrous plane though virtually. An instructor will guide and take you through the flight simulator experience. You can also choose a country and the airport to land. Even better, fly to home town. You might not believe such services exist, but in Singapore, it’s a reality.

Snowboarding at Snow City

snowboardingSnow City is the first indoor snow center of Singapore with hosts of thrilling and exciting activities on offer. Throughout the year, this place receives a large number of locals and tourists. With sub-zero temperature, large ice chamber, and snow slope towering three-storey, visitors can enjoy snow tubing, snowboarding, and snow-fighting. The center also offers an outdoor experience of abseiling. So, this has to be one of the must-experience things to do in Singapore.

Experience thrill on the water at Adventure Cover Waterpark

Whether you want to beat the heat, experience thrill, or just laid-back, this waterpark is right to do so. The thrilling water rides with all sorts of descents, ascents, and twists will increase your heart rate. Among the seven rides, you will enjoy the Pipeline Plunge most. You will ride this slide on an inflated tube and careen through banked turns, and radical twists before dropping into a pool of water. If you are interesting in just floating without any effort, then sit inside a tube and float through the Adventure River, passing through lush green garden, underwater tunnel, and marine creature swimming close to you.

Enjoy scenery on a Segway

If you support initiatives that help curbing pollution, then you will love sightseeing on a Segway. Riding the two-wheeled personal transportation device is a unique as well as an apt alternative for controlling emission of toxic chemicals. At Sentosa Island, you can ride the Segway and glide through the picturesque locations of Singapore. There are options to choose your ride through the scenic view of Siloso Beach or Palawan Beach. Your eco-adventure will help you enjoy coconut palms, beaches, turquoise water, etc.

Enjoy horse-racing as Singapore Turf Club

horse-racingVisit Singapore Turf Club and enjoy the world-class thoroughbreds tearing down the racetracks and speeding towards the finish line. The club organizes horse-racing events on Friday evening and Sunday afternoon. The tour operator will arrange an air-conditioned vehicle for you to arrive in style at the racecourse. There is also an option to access the Owner’s Lounge in the package. From the Lounge, you can experience the race comfortably from your table with a personalized TV screen, and full-service bar.

Take a Duck Tour

There are many modes of water transportation in the world. But in Singapore, you can ride a vehicle that is amphibious, which means it runs both on the land and water. This type of vehicle was developed during the World War II. By taking a DUCK tour, you will experience Singapore in a different way. The DUCK will crusade through the Marina Bay and offer you to soak in the beauty of the city’s skyline and important landmarks such as the imposing Merlion fountain. When out of the water, the DUCK will take you Suntec City, Fountain of Wealth, and War Memorial Park.

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