Top 10 Most Beautiful Castles On Earth – Part 2

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This unique castle is located in Transylvania, Romania. Corvin Castle stands with its medieval Gothic style and is one of the most spectacular sights constructed in the medieval era. Some describe it as creepy and you might feel a vampire-like atmosphere when you enter the castle. The Corvin castle was build in the 15th. century mainly as a fortress to protect against danger and as a prison that captivated all sorts of criminals. This castle is primly linked to the Corvin family who was an influential family in its era. When you wander around inside the castle you will find some rather interesting things. You’ll find a bear pit, the knights hall and the dungeon, you can even see the torture chamber. The bear pit was where the most dangerous and hard criminals went, and Legends has it that the two bears in the pit were always ready for a good meal. The castle’s walls have heard its fair share of legends. The castles symbol is even a legend called ”the raven and the golden ring”. This symbolizes all the mystery this castle has to offer.


The Royal Chateau du Chambord is located in Chambord,  France. In 1518 François the 1 commanded the construction of a castle the world had never seen before. Planned by the magnificent mastermind Leonardo da Vinci and designed by Domenico da Cortona it was bound to be beautiful, enormous and jaw-dropping. The castle contains: 12 staircases, 335 fireplaces, and 440 rooms. It is absolutely enormous. This outstanding Renaissance architecture has a fortress-like layout and is set with four towers. The construction of the castle was actually never to be completed, partly because the construction cost a fortune and partly because it was so challenging to build. Chateau du Chambord is also the home to Leonardo da Vinci’s double helix ”DNA staircase” that leads to the roof terrace. This amazing staircase in constructed in a way that people who go down the stairs won’t meet the people who climb up. This is one of da Vinci’s most spectacular architectural workings. it is definitely something you should try and find while you’re visiting.


Colomares Castle in Benalmadena, Spain, Stands out from the crowd, and let me tell you a tiny little secret, it’s not actually a castle. It’s a Monument dedicated to the adventures of Christopher Colombus. It was actually designed and built by a medical doctor and two local builders. The castle is quite uniquely built inspired by styles from all over Spain. When you walk around exploring this marvelous beauty, you can find various easter eggs and historic elements that point to Columbus’ Journeys. Also, inside this giant monument, there is a very tiny church, only 2 square meters. It’s listed in the Guinness book of world records, as the world’s smallest church. So walking around this castle, exploring the unique architecture and finding small easter eggs is definitely something that’s on my bucket list.  


On top of a mountain in baden-Württemberg, Germany you will find the Lichtenstein Castle. This looks most photoshopped of all the castles I’ve covered in this video. A castle on top of a small stone peak.  It overlooks the beautiful Echaz valley and is often described as a fairy tale castle. The reason the castle is so isolated and far away is because of the Lords of Lichtenstein. They were not getting along with the free imperial city, pushing them to build a safer house because of frequent attacks. This House dates back to the 1100’s and tough time it got destroyed and rebuilt and destroyed and rebuilt. It was once a hunting lodge for King Frederick the 1st., But Due to the more popular gothic architecture the lodge was destroyed and built into this beautiful gothic castle. Now it’s a privately owned castle, mainly used as a tourist attraction. The Lichtenstein Castle for sure has one of the best views you can imagine.


16 km outside of Paris you can find the magnificent Chateau de Versailles. In order to grasp the sheer magnitude of this castle and its garden, we have to go to the skies. In the beginning, this was King Ludvig the 14s little hunting lodge. But after a while, the royal family moved from the capital and into Chateau de Versailles. It stood trough 3 generations of kings before it was taken over during the French revolution in 1789, and ceased to be a permanent royal residence. While walking trough the gardens, and viewing the architecture of the castle you can see how every tiny little detail matters and resonates throughout. Personally, you haven’t even touched the surface until you go inside. Walking trough the enormous castle you can loose yourself in the decor, paintings, architecture and stand in awe of how much work has been put into this. The pictures and video don’t do any justice. it’s really a castle you have to experience for yourself. 
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