Top 10 Fall Foliage Destinations in America

Now that fall is kicking in to the fullest you might want to take a little stroll to soak in all the beautiful colors. It’s allways nice every year when you start to see some red or yellow on the trees. Not to reference Game of Thrones but winter is coming. For some that is the best season of the year. skiing, skating, building snowmen and sitting inside infront of the fire. some aren’t that fond of the beautiful winter that lies ahead. Mainly because it’s usually quite cold. However Autumn Leaves or Fall foliage is something that is particularly beautiful and to experience it to the fullest you should go to one of these destinations. PS: Here is a Fall Foilage Map as well

10. Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee


Michael Hicks @Flickr

9. Aspen, Colorado


Timothy K Hamilton @Flickr

8.  Lake Superior, Minnesota


Randen Pederson @Flickr

7. Geneva Lake, Wisconsin


Post & Beam @Flickr

6. The Berkshires, Massachusetts


Massachusetts Office @Flickr

5. June Lake, California


Howard Ignatius @Flickr

4. The Green Mountains, Vermont


Albert de Bruijn @Flickr

3. The Poconos, Pennsylvania


Nicholas A. Tonelli @Flickr

2. The Ozarks, Missouri


Missouri Division of Tourism @Flickr

1. Hudson River Valley, New York


jwilly @Flickr

Hopefully you found a good place to come and see the Autumn Leaves fall! And as allways, Safe Travels!


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