These Top 10 Thai Foods will Spice Up Your Life

These Top 10 Thai Foods will Spice Up Life

Thai food is known all over the globe for its feisty flavor and color. Tourists to Thailand often talk about how much they miss Thai food, especially Thai street food. During Christmas vacations, trying out new cuisines is a fad for many people and festive season makes experimenting with new dishes even more appealing. So, if you are looking at getting that nostalgic Thai feeling back again, check out the list These Top 10 Thai Foods will Spice Up your Christmas.

Thai Fish Cakes

Thai fish cakes are one of the most popular dishes in Thailand, and they can be an amazing cuisine for you to try during Christmas. Prepared using sea-friendly fish such as tilapia or salmon, Thai fish cakes can add a different flavor to your Christmas food. If you have been making crab cakes for Christmas all the time, and want to try out something different, Thai fish cakes won’t disappoint.


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Kai Jeow

One of the most popular Thai street foods, Kai Jeow is known for its peppy flavor and filling taste, which gives omelet based dishes a completely new meaning. Usually eaten with rice and sweet chili sauce, Kao Jeow is a Thai Christmas cuisine that you will cherish for a long time. Kai Jeow is served in many Thai food restaurants and is very popular among locals and backpackers.


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Coconut Rice

All you need to have this appetizing Thai recipe is coconut milk and white rice. One of the easiest Thai dishes to make, coconut rice can be a perfect treat for adding flavor and a Thai feeling to your Christmas offerings. This Thai dish is especially suited for those who don’t want to put in too much of an effort in creating a Thai dish.


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Pad See Ew

Noodles, chicken, eggs, and soy sauce – doesn’t seem to be an imaginable combination, but it really is. Pad See Ew is an appetizing accompaniment to your main course. Many people have them as a part of snacks as the dish is peppy and filling.


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Pad Thai

No Thai food list can be complete without the inclusion of Pad Thai. It is consumed to an extent that calling it a national dish of Thailand won’t be an exaggeration. Based on rice noodles with a generous spray of lime juice, fish sauce, spring onions, and beansprout, this Thai Christmas cuisine will be good enough to satiate your taste buds.


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Som Tam

Another popular Thai street food, Som Tam will bring the aroma and vibe of Thailand’s streets right into your kitchen. This dish is made using papaya in fish sauce, peanuts, string beans, and chilies. A staple food of Thailand, there is various combinations you can try with this dish suiting your own taste.

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Thai Satay Sticks

Thai Satay sticks are a hit in any season, but having them as a part of appetizers during Christmas celebrations can be absolutely satiating. Thai satay sticks made of boneless chicken are recommended and to have best results, it is recommended that you put it on a grill. At many Thai food places, this dish is served with different combinations, and the flavor varies from place to place.


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Thai Green Chicken Curry

This amazing Thai dish is made from lemon grass and lime juice, with peppercorn and coriander seed for company, this Thai cuisine is an appetizing main course that can broaden the variety of your Christmas menu. The best thing about the dish is its sumptuous curry that will leave you asking for more with every bite!


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Lemongrass Chicken

Lemongrass chicken is a widely popular dish in Asia, and with the Thai roasted twist, it becomes all the more tasty. The flavor of lemongrass has a distinct flavor to it with the generous spraying of lime over the chicken, the dish gets a unique taste to it.


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Massaman Curry

A well-known Thai dish with Muslim origin, Massaman curry is made from coconut milk, peanuts, fish sauce, and palm sugar. The garnishing is done using cardamom and bay leaves. Chicken is usually the choice of meat for this, but can experiment with other varieties.

These Top 10 Thai Foods will Spice Up your Christmas

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These were the top 10 Thai food dishes you must try during Christmas holidays. We hope that with these dishes, you will get to add that unique Thai flavor and feel to your Christmas food offerings.

You can try these recipes at home to have an authentic Thai Christmas spirit. However, if you want to get a firsthand experience of Thai cuisines, you can plan to spend the Christmas in Thailand. Getting a Thailand visa is fairly simple and you can check Thailand visa online application process.

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