The Top 3 Adventures You Can Have in London on a Weekend Break

London’s famous for its culture, sights and nightlife – but it’s also got a wonderfully adventurous side, too.

So, if you’re heading to London for the weekend with the kids or you’re looking for a new adventure for you and your partner, here’s our top pick of the most action-packed adventures London’s got to offer:

3. Kayaking Along the Thames

As one of the world’s most distinguished rivers, no trip to London is complete without a trip along the River Thames. From west London you can journey up the river, passing under its famous bridges while also gliding past must-see attractions such as the London Eye and Houses of Parliament. If you’re an experienced kayaker you can get a single-seat kayak, but there are two-seaters available for those who aren’t as confident.

Equally, if you don’t fancy breaking into a sweat, a lot of London breaks include a cruise along the river, giving you the best view in the house.

2. White Water Rafting at Lee Valley

Photo by diamond geezer

In 2012, Lee Valley was used in the London Olympics, and even though it saw plenty of thrills and spills back then, it’s now your chance to have a go at this world-famous course.

Hurtling down the rapids at speed, you’ll have to hold on tightly as you drop down 5 metres at once. It’s 300 metres long in total and allows you to not only try your hand at white water rafting but canoeing and even hydrospeeding, where you fly down the rapids on a cross between a body board and float.

1. Bungee Jumping Near the O2 Arena

Photo by Davide D’Amico

For something that’ll test your nerve, why not do a bungee jump that falls alongside another one of London’s top landmarks – the O2 arena? Available one weekend per month, this 50-metre crane is placed in Greenwich to give people like you the chance to take a leap of faith. You can choose to do it in tandem or alone, but don’t forget to make the most of the view from the top where you’ll see some of the tallest landmarks on offer as well as Canary Wharf.

Whatever you class as an adventure, there’s something for everyone in London, and you don’t have to stick to the usual touristy places to find them. With such an array of activities on offer, the possibilities of adventure are endless when you visit London for the weekend.

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