Top 4 Family Holiday Destinations

Top 4 Family Holiday Destinations

Although the summer season is now well and truly underway, there is still plenty of time left for those who have not organised some time away with the family to do so – and these are a few of the top hot spots you should consider paying a visit to this year.

4. India

The release of a new Jungle Book film last year really helped put India back at the top of places around the world for families to visit – and the country has certainly sought to capitalise on the appeal generated by this family movie. It offers something called the Jungle Book tour for groups that takes in the Tadoba, Satpura and Kanha national parks. Another great option for families seeking to visit India is a new Satpura tour that lets you spend the night there, amidst its tigers, leopards, bears and birds, for the very first time.  

3. Croyde Bay

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Camping holidays are really on the upswing in terms of popularity and – if you are holidaying with young children – this can be a great way to spend some time together that involves minimal advance booking and plenty of adventure. Croyde Bay, which is located in North Devon, is a great spot to pick for this as you can have lots of family fun together on its beautiful beach. There is beach volleyball that you can play together, before sitting down to a cream tea – or you can wander and explore the amazing views from the dunes or the nearby woods.

2. Las Vegas

This resort in the Nevada desert has been a popular holiday destination for decades now, and it doesn’t show any signs of losing its appeal. Although you may think of Vegas as strictly a casino city where you can experience pokies games played on mobile devices in person but there is plenty to please families as well – from the spectacular Adventuredome amusement park to comedy and magic shows catering to all ages. Las Vegas is a holiday pick that will let you enjoy family activities like the Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat run by Siegfried and Roy, at the Mirage Hotel and Casino, before hitting the bars or the casino once the kids are in bed.

1. Peru

Specifically, Machu Picchu, which went from being a place that everyone wanted to visit one that everyone could last year when direct flights to Lima became available from Gatwick Airport. This is a holiday destination that will be most suitable for families with older children, who are more likely to appreciate the mix of pre-Inca ruins and lively modern city activities than younger ones. Being on the coast it also offers the chance to relax on the beach, while the shops, eateries, entertainment, and museums that the city boasts will keep everyone amused.


When it comes to taking some time away with the family this summer, the world is truly your oyster, so all you need to do is pick the destination that appeals to you and get packing!


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