Top 5 Beaches to Get Married On

Choosing to get married on the beach might be your best first decision as a married couple. Not only do you get to stay in and enjoy the honeymoon, but you will be the envy of everyone once they take a look at the wedding snaps. To help you choose the right venue, here are the best beaches in the world to get married on.

Secret Beach, KauaiSecret Beach, Kauai

If you want to get hitched in a tropical paradise, you should definitely consider the Pacific Rim, and the “Garden Island” of Kauai. And the perfect spot on the island to say “I do” is Secret Beach. With the Kilauea lighthouse overlooking the ceremony, and spectacular waterfalls of the Na Pali Coast, and the stunning beauty of Waimea Canyon nearby, will make your wedding a surreal experience. With great weather throughout the year, the Hawaiian gods will definitely bless your marriage.

Rainbow Beach, QueenslandFlickr – Suzanne – neusuz5

Rainbow Beach, Queensland

This gem is nested between the Pacific Ocean, the fantastic Cooloola National Park and the Fraser Island. The Fraser Island is famous for being the largest sand island in the world and is truly magnificent. Rainbow beach has a dramatic feel to it, due to sandy cliff like formations and bold sand colours. Lovebirds can enjoy a nearby relaxation retreat for a perfect and calming post wedding night.

Reggae Beach photo

Reggae Beach, Jamaica

With endless miles of Jamaica’s golden sands, you might settle for the tropical sounds of Reggae Beach. You won’t be the only ones moving to the entertainment, with the palms grooving on the water’s edge, and sensational cliffs on each side, giving a cozy, laid-back atmosphere to the entire event. Once everyone is spiced up on jerk chicken, they can cool off with a dip in the clearest, bluest liquid in the Caribbean. The fires of your wedding bash will burn well into the night, making it an extravagant start to your new life together.

Flickr – dubdem sound system

Elbow Beach, Bermuda

If you want to make an elegant entrance into the waters of marriage, set your course for the island of Bermuda. This gem of the Atlantic shares similar qualities with its Caribbean brethren, but its British heritage gives it a classy tropical feel. Choose Elbow Beach, and glaze attendee’s feet in the unique pink sand experience. Once everything is sealed with the kiss, get your suits, and dresses off, and dive into an adventure exploring the surrounding reef system.

6826164617_82c27f9c7e_bFlickr – Larry Lamb

Positano Beach, Italy

When the setting for your wedding are brightly colored houses surrounding the cliffs, fragrant citrus groves, and century-old church towers, you can be sure Italy’s Amalfi Coast is an ideal destination to get hitched. Although, Positano’s main beach is a tourist frenzy, nearby secluded beaches offer the ideal place for your ceremony. With all the pizazz in the technicolored background, the acoustic cliffs will hug your small beach wedding, and soothe your pre-wedding jitters with the amplified sound of the sea.

15588265022_e956fadf0c_kFlickr – Mariano Mantel

Whatever one you choose, these destinations will make your wedding day a once in a life time experience, and the perfect symbol of your eternal love for each other.

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  1. Carters beach Nova Scotia canada pure White sand that makes Whitehaven in the Whitsundays of Australia look sad and access is 50m from car park no fees down easy walking trail
    Rainbow beach has dirty colored sands and many miles from civilisation no hotels catering or public toilets.

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